Zubby Michael and Destiny Etiko Stir Relationship Rumour, Kiss in Video: “Una Dey Date Before?”

  • Zubby Michael recently shared a video of him and actress Destiny Etiko at a movie location
  • In the video, the two movie stars pull up a flirtatious exchange as they embrace and share a kiss
  • The video has stirred up relationship rumours while some netizens lashed at the movie stars for their romantic display in the presence of a child actor

Nollywood stars Destiny Etiko and Zubby Michael have caused a buzz with their recent flirtatious exchanges and romance in a recent video.

Recall that Destiny Etiko returned to filming, days after mourning Junior Pope as she shared a video of Zubby Michael and Gentle Jack, among others, at her movie location.

Zubby Michael shares new video of him at Destiny Etiko's movie location.

Zubby Michael and Destiny Etiko share a kiss.
Credit: @zubbymichael @destinyetikoofficialSource: Instagram

Zubby has also shared a video from the same movie location as he and Destiny stirred up relationship rumours with the display.

In the video, Destiny and Zubby were seen embracing each other before they sealed with a kiss, while a kid actress, was spotted in the background watching.

Captioning the video, Zubby Michael wrote;

“Pulled up for my girl Destiny Etiko”

Watch the video below:

Recall that Zubby Michael and Destiny Etiko were criticised over the late Junior Pope.

Reactions trail Zubby Michael’s video with Destiny Etiko

Fox Nigeria captured some of the reactions that trail the video, read them below:


“This kiss is not ordinary Una dey date before yes or no?”


“Kissing in front of that little kid ???”


“Junior Pope is forgotten easily just like Mohan life goes on.”


“The world moves on so fast, do everything possible to stay alive!”


“Na who die lose o do everything to stay alive.”


“Omo that kiss show say Normally Zubby sabi Nack.”


“Make Una burry Jp first now. This life na who dey loses.”

How Zubby Michael responded to people dragging him

In another entertainment news, the actor reacted to the backlashes he received for not publicly mourning Junior Pope.

Zubby in a response to the criticisms he received, urged internet users to rest, noting that not everything needed to be shared.

“Make una rest no be by posting,” he said.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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