Young Student Nurse Shares Her Childbirth Experience, Shows Excitement

  • A fledgling student nurse took to TikTok to narrate her first encounter with childbirth, capturing the tense moments leading up to the delivery
  • Her video journeyed through the delivery room’s charged atmosphere, as she awaited the mother’s efforts to birth her child
  • The successful conclusion of the delivery was shared with palpable joy, showcasing the newborn and marking a memorable milestone

A young student nurse narrated her inaugural childbirth experience on TikTok.

The clip depicted her in the delivery room, awaiting the moment the mother would bring forth her infant.

The lady shared her experienceThe young lady witnessed childbirth. Photo credit: @lit_tle_paulaSource: TikTok

Student nurse experiences childbirth

The culmination of the video revealed the triumphant delivery, capturing the nurse’s elation alongside the newborn as shown by @lit_tle_paula.

Watch the video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

Marian chichi said:

“What’s the name if ur school, is post basic form out in ur school?”

PAU LAC responded:

“Edo state college of nursing…post basic form is not on yet.”

Owie Owen:

“Congratulations dear.”




“How did you feel after.”


“YoU can see the happy expression on my face.”


“I want to know more about the school.”

Nanny celebrates her nursing licence

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that a Nigerian woman shared a touching video of the moment her nanny received her nursing licence for the first time in two years.

The woman, who was proud of her nanny’s achievement, posted the video on social media to inspire others.

The video showed the nanny’s reactions. She was overcome with emotion that she had finally fulfilled her dream of becoming a nurse.

Nurse at FMC shares her experience

In another related story, Fox Nigeria reported that a Nigerian lady who secured two positions to support herself narrated her employment roles, capturing immediate online interest.

In the clip, she revealed that her initial role involved nursing duties, such as monitoring vital signs and dispensing medicines.

As shared by @tobi_nubi, upon returning home, she embarked on her second job as a virtual customer service representative, as depicted in the video, diligently addressing queries on her laptop.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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