Young lady sends her shoemaking product to customer in Dubai

  • A Nigerian shoemaker delivered her products to a customer in Dubai, and the video quickly gained popularity on TikTok
  • The lady revealed that her customer purchased four shoes and two belts, and she was captured packaging them
  • Her excitement about sending her products to Dubai was evident as she demonstrated how she prepared the package

A talented Nigerian shoemaker recently completed a successful delivery to her customer in Dubai, capturing the attention of viewers on TikTok.

In the video, the shoemaker revealed that her customer had purchased four pairs of shoes and two belts.

The lady showed her packageShe intends to deliver the shoes to Dubai. Photo credit: @khal_designSource: TikTok

The excitement was palpable as she meticulously packaged the items, showcasing her craftsmanship and attention to detail.

As shared by @khal_design, sending her products to Dubai marked a significant achievement for the shoemaker, and her packaging process resonated with viewers worldwide.

Watch the video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

Wonder Cruise said:

“Number one Vic.”

Ofordile Linda wrote:

“I like the black and belt how much.”

Ezenachukwu Victoria commented:

“Currenthy not not taking Bespoke orders anymore.”


“What’s the price of this?”


“My madame well done ooo, me two I day ye ooo.”

Diamond Hanson:

“Do u have a website??”


“Nlease i like the black as well with the belt and how much is the cost.”

Ezenachukwu Victoria:

“Currently not taking bespoke orders anymore.”

Anthonia Oke958:

“This is amazing.”


“Kudos! Well done!”

Sidney I.0:

“Brand tag?”

Lady who makes shoes goes viral

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that TikTok users are reacting to a video of a female shoemaker after she showed off her products on the platform.

The talented lady, Ezenachukwu Victoria, said she has been told by many people that her products are good.

Victoria said some people even tell her that the shoes she makes could compare shoulder to shoulder with the ones made abroad.

Lady uses colourful threads to produce beautiful handmade shoes

In another related story, Fox Nigeria reported that a Nigerian lady, Francisca, impressed social media users after she posted beautiful shoes she made.

In a video shared on TikTok by @francisca4sj, the lady was seen when she was working on one of the shoes.

The nice shoes are completely handmade, using threads, making them unique and attractive to fashion lovers.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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