Young couple buy house, beg people to help them raise N53m to renovate it

  • A young homeowner took to TikTok to seek financial support for extensive home renovations
  • With a target of 60 million views, she hopes to raise KSh 4.9 million (N53,149,322) through TikTok’s creativity program
  • Her plea ignited a debate online, with some praising her creativity while others questioned the efficacy of crowdfunding for such endeavours

A young woman has turned to TikTok seeking financial assistance from the online community to fund her home renovation project.

Woman begs for KSh 4.9m home renovation fund from TikTokers.Large room with props fixed to the ceiling of an old villa undergoing demolition and renovation (l), while (r) two lovebirds. These images are just for illustration. Photo: Piovesempre.Source: Instagram

At the age of 22, Anya Clements and her partner acquired their residence, only to discover the high costs associated with its decoration.

TikTok funding venture

They estimate a shortfall of KSh 4.9 million (N53,149,322) to complete the project from the ground up.

She took to TikTok to share their house journey and said:

“We wanted to get this whole house renovation done in under a year, and in doing so, we started off with the easy options.”

She said they started with the bedrooms to give them a modern refresh.

They opted for green panelling and a tasteful neutral carpet and Anya explained,

“Bedrooms are the cheapest and easiest things to decorate, so we did those first and then moved on to the harder things.”

Despite keeping to a strict budget, the pair managed to keep costs low by doing most of the handy work themselves.

However, they have now asked strangers on TikTok for a little extra cash as they still have the downstairs toilet, garden, and outside of the house to renovate.

They also need some extra money to revamp many parts of their new house.

However, the young homeowner has had an idea.

“So you’re probably wondering how I’m going to get KSh 4.9 million in four months,” the young homeowner said.

She revealed that thinks it’s possible, all thanks to “TikTok’s new creativity program.”

“I’ve worked out I’m going to need 60 million views to get KSh 4.9 million, so if you guys could help me by following me or even liking this video then I promise you I am going to deliver and show you the renovation,” Anya said.

TikTokers react to woman asking for renovation funding

The response to her video has been mixed. Some claimed they were shocked by her idea.

One TikToker commented:

“TikTok begging now, you go queen.”

“Or you could just get a loan,” another said.

Others told her to keep the garden how it was.

One person said:

“No, the garden is perfect—save the money and leave it as it is.”

Nigerian couple built mansion

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that a Nigerian couple made a video to celebrate their new building, and they revealed it took them seven months.

Seconds into the video, the couple showed how labourers started working on their dream home foundation.


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