“You won’t sleep, let’s play”: Dad pays back child who kept him awake at night

  • A Nigerian father recently paid his daughter in her own coin for disturbing him at home in the middle of the night
  • In a video, the little girl tried to sleep but her father woke her up and insisted that she stays awake to play with him
  • Hilarious reactions trailed the video as many netizens recounted their experiences with their children

A Nigerian father has sparked hilarious reactions on TikTok after waking his daughter from sleep.

A trending video showed the little girl shedding tears on the bed as her father asked her to get up and play.

Dad stops little daughter from sleepingFunny dad forces little daughter to stay awake
Photo credit: @dekubas/TikTok.Source: TikTok

Dad says daughter didn’t let him sleep

According to the father identified as @dekubas on TikTok, his little daughter didn’t let him sleep at night.

During the day, she decided to go to bed but her father insisted that she stays awake and play with him instead.

The funny father said:

“Get up get up you are not going to sleep. At night you were saying you will not allow us to sleep. Day time now, you are sleeping. The child that say his or her father or mother will not sleep will not sleep. You will not sleep too. Get up let’s play. There is no sleep for you and I.”

Reactions as dad wakes daughter from sleep

Social media users stormed the comments section to react to the TikTok video.

@Riabee said:

“This baby’s facial expression ehn. People just dey give birth to ancestors. This is Adult baby. She perfectly understand the message.”

@D Crown Prince wrote:

“My pain is that, the mother of the girl is the camera woman.”

@RICHARD5 said:

“The perfect dad and the wrong child, movie title.”

@ reacted:

“Her face when she woke up en. She was like is this man being serious right now.”

@Dieu béni said:

“Papa can you leave this picking sleep well? please just 30 minutes ok?”

@mourish said:

“This one no be innocent oo see her face, she understand every word coming out of his father mouth correctly.”

@Legend added:

“I can’t wait to be a father. I will definitely do this.”

Watch the video below:

Babysitting father struggles to make baby sleep

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a Nigerian man complained to his wife over the behaviour of his baby, who rarely sleeps at night.

A viral video showed the man lamenting bitterly around 4 am while carrying his baby in a carrier.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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