“You Are Getting Fat Everyday”: Man Breaks Up with Plus-Sized Girlfriend, Video Shows Her in Tears

  • A heartbroken lady has cried out for help and advice on social media after her boyfriend suddenly broke up with her
  • According to the lady, he ended the relationship with her because she was getting chubbier than she used to be
  • While sharing her sad ordeal online, the lady pleaded with netizens to tell her the fastest ways to lose weight

A young woman has gotten netizens emotional after shedding tears profusely in a viral video.

The lady identified on TikTok as @Amaka.nwa26, lamented that she needed tips on how to lose weight very fast.

Lady weeps as boyfriend ends relationshipPlus-sized lady in tears as boyfriend ends relationship
Photo credit: @amakanwa26/TikTok.Source: TikTok

Lady dumped for being chubby

According to the heartbroken lady, her boyfriend broke up with her because of her body size.

She revealed that her man said she was getting chubbier with each day that passed and he couldn’t love her anymore.

Amakanwa said:

“The Imo state guy said am getting fat every day, that’s 1 of the reason why we broke up. I need help to slim down.”

Reactions as lady gets dumped over body size

Netizens in the comments section on TikTok felt pity on the lady and they took turns to share their opinions and suggestions for her.

&inumidun_ reacted:

“Just get healthy for yourself and not for him.”

@kween_tiwalope said;

“The last breakup that brought me to tears was when I was financially struggling. I think that’s a common reason why many women cry during breakups. Since l’ve become financially independent, no breakup has made me shed a single tear. Remember, you’re beautiful, and there’s a man out there for every woman! No man deserves your tears. Even if you want to lose weight, do it for yourself to be fit and healthy, not because a man has pressured you to do so.”

@deeoolaa reacted:

“Guys I’ve come to realize most women cry cos of break up cos they don’t have money tbh if you had your own money breathing in your account, you wouldn’t sit there crying like a baby on top of a man, really?”

@plantseeds101 said:

“Go to gym. Fix yourself and be proud of outcome.”

@sandraaji reacted:

“Don’t pisss me off at this time of the night please.”

@perrysignature2 said:

“When u don’t love yourself people’s opinions will always break u.”

Watch the video below:

Lady in tears over being single, childless

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a 28-year-old lady cried out that she can’t find love and has no child.

In a follow-up to her tweet, the lady highlighted some of her personal feats, wondering if it was wrong to ask for more.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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