Woman Uses Tithe to Feed Needy, Less Privileged, and Widows Instead of Dropping it in Church

  • A Nigerian woman has shared the different way she fulfils her Christian obligation of tithing every month
  • The caterer said she cooks with it and shares the food to the needy, less privileged and widows in her church instead
  • While some people criticised her for her failing to give her tithe in church, others hailed her humanitarian gesture

A caterer has distributed food to the needy, widows, and less privileged people in her church with her tithe.

The Nigerian woman said she does it every month and explained why she does not drop her tithe in the church.

Woman uses her tithes to cook food, shares them to the poorShe chose to help the poor with her tithes instead of giving them to her church.
Photo Credit: (._.alihi._)Source: TikTok


“At the end of every third year you shall bring out the tithe of your produce of that year and store it up within your gates. And the Levite, because he has no portion nor inheritance with you, and the stranger and the fatherless and the widow who are within your gates, may come and eat and be satisfied, that the Lord your God may bless you in all the work of your hand which you do,” she wrote on TikTok.

In a TikTok video, she revealed she cooked jollof rice and chicken with her tithe. She showed the meals packaged in disposable plastic plates and arranged in the boot of her car.

She then went out and distributed them.

In a shocking development, a church had returned a lady’s tithe to her and cancelled her membership with them.

Watch the video below:

Mixed reactions trailed the caterer’s action

Mosuro Azeez Olanrewaju said:

”You can sometimes use the whole some to bless 1 or 2 people to establish small business thereby taking them off of poverty completely.”


“I keep reading don’t put it on camera, if the Bible was not recorded, how would you know what happened in the Bible? Madam keep it up. God bless you.”

Mosuro Azeez Olanrewaju said:

“The Bible says bring your tithe to the altar so that the poor can feed.

“Feeding the poor is the sole purpose of tithe.”

user7875171594390 said:

“Mummy, all these cameras are not needed, Bible say when you give even your left hand should not know what the right hand is giving.”

TonyPiriye said:

“Have you served your sister’s children wey never eat, your neighbours children wey never eat for days and your cousins children around you, the people helping you at work & House helps.?”

balogunkayode105 said:

“Helping the people is good, but not with ur tithe, you can’t tell God what to do with ur tithe.”

Actress speaks on tithes and offerings

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that Nollywood actress Amanda Ebeye had said a pastor is accountable to her if she pays tithes and offerings.

According to her, a pastor is accountable to her if her money goes to them and the properties they buy should either be explained or she’ll assume automatic co-ownership of them. In her words:

“As long as you are my pastor, I pay you tithe, I pay you offering, you are accountable to me. Don’t tell me the money is for God, God does not come down to spend the money. You buy a Ferrari, you tell me why or it’s for both of us. You buy a private jet, you tell me why or it’s for both of us. Don’t use God to deceive people. God sent you to provide service to his people not enrich your pockets.”

Source: Fox Nigeria

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