Woman Surprises Parents after Landing Into Country Secretly, Awards Them 4-Bedroom House

  • Jayne, who grew up in Eastern Uganda, built her parents a beautiful house boasting four bedrooms
  • According to the lady who lives abroad, the house has good plumbing for water inside and solar, which they can use for cooking and watching TV
  • She blindfolded her parents, who came to the house singing hymns and finally, they were shown their house

A young girl identified as Jayne has gifted her dear parents with twin blessings: seeing her after a long time and a beautiful house.

Jayne's home in Mbale, next frame shows the TikToker presenting the house to her parents.The new house Jayne built for her parents (l), and her parents, who were surprised by the new house (r). Photos: Jayne256.Source: UGC

In two TikTok videos, the lady shared her journey of handing the house to her beloved parents in Mbale, Eastern Uganda.

The materials and construction of the house had been under a chief executive officer that she had hired.

The exterior of the house was grey, as was the roof. The home also boasts large windows all around.

Jayne also showed pipes in some corners of the house and said they were for the water they’ll be using inside.

“We have solar inside; that person installed our solar in such a way we can watch TV and cook using it. There is also a public toilet and a private toilet for my parents,” she said.

Netizens react to the news:

Brand B:

“Exactly what I am manifesting for four-bedroom house.”

Gen Israel -:

“Whoever did this for her mum, trust me your days will be fruitful on earth. Best video for the day.”


“I will do this iñ my minds every day but for sure I cannot manage .”


“Guess what I gave my mum? I give room house and land and I feel blessed.”


“May I surprise it with my daughter since mum is no more.”


“Wow nice. Who did you trust to do all that for you in your absence? You know it’s hard to find trustworthy people.”

Lady surprises her parents with new house

Fox Nigeria earlier reported that it was an emotional moment for a lady’s parents as she surprised them with a furnished new house.

A video showing how she got things for the house and furnished it had melted hearts on social media.

Netizens were full of praise for the lady, while others prayed to be able to do the same for their parents.

Proofreading by Otukho Jackson, a multimedia journalist and copy editor at TUKO.co.ke

Source: TUKO.co.ke

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