Wike Urges Churches to Support Politicians Even After Leaving Office

The Federal Capital Territory Minister, Nyesom Wike, recently shared a message urging churches to continue supporting politicians even after they finish their terms. Speaking at a celebration in Port Harcourt, he reminded everyone that politicians often give to churches while in office but can feel neglected once they leave.

Wike emphasized the importance for churches to stay steadfast and not abandon politicians, highlighting that they should practice what they preach. He mentioned, “When most of us were in office, there was no church we weren’t contributing to. But immediately we left office, it was a different story.”

He urged the clergy to consistently pray for the political class and be there for them, emphasizing that support should not waver based on their status. Wike’s message was a call for churches to maintain their support for politicians beyond their time in office.

The Speaker of the House, Tajudeen Abass, also praised the House of Representatives Minority Leader, Kingsley Ogundu Chinda, at the same event. Abass described Chinda as one of the finest members of the National Assembly, acknowledging his valuable contributions to representing Rivers State.

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