“What Wizkid Said About Rap Music Is Not Accurate”: Falz Opens Up About His Comeback to Music

  • Nigerian singer and rapper Falz recently released his fifth studio album, “Before The Feast”, which he described as a starter before the real Feast gets served
  • Falz recently spoke to Fox Nigeria about his new project, why it took so long for him to make a comeback, and what his fans should expect from him on his return to the industry
  • During the interview, the rapper spoke about Wizkid’s comment about rap music and why his new sound might be different from what his fans have come to know him for

Nigerian rapper Folarin Falana, better known as Falz The Bahd Guy, recently spoke with Legit. ng about his music career and personal life.

During a conversation with Fox Nigeria, Nosa Oke-Hortons, Falz shared how much his leg surgery affected his career for the first time. He revealed that the surgery was the main reason he had to step away from music and performing for the last two years.

Falz opens up about his leg surgery and how it affect his music career

Nigerian rapper Falz recently opens up about his leg surgery and how it affect his music career. He shared his story with TheTalk.NG.
Photo credit: @falzthebahdguySource: Instagram

He also discussed how rap music is losing its appeal in Nigeria and what he hopes to achieve with his return to the creative industry.

Wizkid’s comment about rap

During the conversation, the rapper spoke about returning to music as a rapper but with an evolved sound. He also discussed rap music in Nigeria and whether it has lost its appeal to Nigerians.

“First is I don’t think what Wizkid said about rap music in Nigeria is accurate. But everyone have their opinions and perspective at which they see things. Maybe the way he is consuming music maybe he doesn’t see any rapper that speaks to him on a level he would relate to and appreciate.”

Falz confirmed that he is still a rapper and doesn’t think rap music has lost its appeal to Nigerians.

Wizzy’s opinion are his to own. But I can confidently tell you that rap music is very much alive because I’m here.”

“I never planned to be an actor” – Falz

The rapper also spoke about his foray into the acting business and how it all started. He said:

“I never planned to be an actor. It was something I stumbled upon and I have no regrets about it. Someone just reached out to me saying can you do this role It looks like something you can do and and I was acting ok na let’s go. And that was how it started.”

“My leg surgery and how it affected me” – Falz

The rapper shared for the first time what it was like undergoing his leg surgery and how it affected him as a person his career and even mentally.

“It was tough my brother. It was really tough. I am still in recovery like this. I am not at a 100% but I am a lot better and can move nicely and freely. In truth I am still in my recovery process and doing physiotherapy every single week.”

Same goofy Falz but a new sound

The rapper spoke about himself and how he has created a personality of being a comic and that of an intellectual. He shared that his new project is a product of an evolved Falz.

He noted that he retains these features that many of his fans have come to know him for but at a different level with unique points of self-awareness.

“I’m still Falz with a different sound and a heightened sense of self-confidence and awareness.”

2023 elections and its outcome

The interview with Falz was supposed to have happened on Tuesday June 4, 2024, but we had to move it because of the NLC strike that saw economic activities across the country put on hold left the rapper stuck in Uyo, Akwa-Ibom state.

Fox Nigeria recalls reporting how active Falz was during the 2023 elections. During our conversation with him he spoke about the state of the country and how the current administration came into power. He said:

“The state of the country I should be asking you that question are things fine for the average Nigerian. With the way the came into power I was expecting them to make a wholesome change to things but nothing has happened. The integrity of election and the administration in power will forever be questioned.”

What Falz said about 2023 elections

In another news, Falz spoke about the influence of the 2023 presidential elections on Nigerian youths.

According to Falz, Nigerians needed to educate themselves and accommodate improvement in how they relate.

He urged Nigerians to remain relentless in their pursuit of a great nation.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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