“What Will He Use When He Finish?”: Lecturer Tackles Yahoo Boys Who Comes to School with Cars

  • A lecturer from a Nigerian university expressed dismay at the growing trend of young men engaging in fraudulent activities
  • He shared how certain students, having prospered through deceit, flaunted their ill-gotten wealth by purchasing vehicles
  • The educator highlighted in a video that this behaviour signalled a grave crisis within the nation, underscoring the critical need

In a recent video, a university lecturer from Nigeria voiced his profound concern over the alarming escalation of fraudulent activities among the youth.

He detailed his observations of a disturbing trend where young men, moved by the lure of quick wealth, are increasingly resorting to scams.

The lecturer lamented about Yahoo boysThe lecturer opened up about Yahoo boys. Photo credit: @otsspiccySource: TikTok

The lecturer recounted instances where students, who had amassed substantial sums through these dubious means, ostentatiously purchased luxury cars.

These students, emboldened by their newfound affluence, would then park their flashy vehicles in close proximity to the lecturers’ more modest cars, in a brazen display of intimidation and disrespect.

The educator’s lamentation was not just about the audacity of these young scammers but also about the broader implications for society as shown by @otspiccy.

He described this trend as a glaring symptom of the country’s deep-seated issues, which are manifesting in the youth’s turn towards such deceitful endeavours.

The lecturer’s impassioned plea in the video was a call to action, urging for immediate and effective interventions to address this growing menace.

Watch the video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

Successful8373883 said:

“What’s wrong with a student driving jeep e!”

Donmosco wrote:

“Even if you like be prof max on your retirement is 15M – 25M U can’t make 10OM or 200M on retirement.”

OTSpiccy commented:

“He’s my HOD please respect him.”

Bolaji samuel also commented:

“Na why I no but car as a student.”


“We are in a new age where youngsters are making massive income legitimately, the man sef no sabi speak good English.”

You’d Huzein:

“This is the only thing u could talk about all the obvious u elders never wants success for the Young ones.”


“No be dem talk sey they will be happy to see their children do more better than them.”


“The volume of the better dey paralyse their brain.”


“What will he use when he finish school.”


“What about lecturers that are dragging young girls with US.”


“This man dey mad so make stuUdent no drive again or what.”

Boy shares message his female client sent

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that a man with the handle @alpha_male471 on TikTok has declared he has stopped engaging in internet fraud.

Announcing his decision on the social media platform, @alpha_male471 appealed to netizens to put him in prayers.

He released his chats with a female client whom he scammed.

There is also a story of a man who caused a significant stir after admitting to stealing from banks.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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