“What I learned after 1 year in the UK”: Lady opens up about her experience

  • A Nigerian lady residing in the UK reflected on her year-long experience, highlighting the significant financial demands required for a smooth transition into British society
  • She emphasized that the more financial resources one possesses, the more seamless the adaptation process becomes
  • Additionally, she noted a distinct difference in taste between British and Nigerian cuisines

A Nigerian lady recounted her experiences after a year of life abroad.

She revealed that substantial financial resources are essential for a complete adjustment to UK living, noting the direct correlation between wealth and ease of adaptation.

The lady shares her experience as a resident of UKThe lady shared what she learnt as a resident of UK. Photo credit: @ririlivingSource: TikTok

Furthermore, she expressed her opinion that British fare pales in comparison to Nigerian cuisine, suggesting that Nigerian expatriates may face significant culinary challenges in the UK as shared on @ririliving.

Watch the video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

Aegiz Victor said:

“Like how much make we know.”

RiriLiving responded:

“10m naira should be the least benchmark for a single person except a job is waiting for you then 2m is good.”

Racheal D wrote:

“Point one is the most important! Please come with money, plenty of it, plenty of it!”


“One of the smartest ladies I have seen online. Keep it up, sis.”


“I’Il be getting a visit visa in a few months Insha-Allah, can I work with my visit visa?”


“Please what’s the best saving platform?”


“Spending the whole week trying to be nice is valid.”


“1 million savings.”


“Buy plenty wig oo.”


“Maybe I am d one who doesn’t know what r@cism looks like. Bcos I haven’t recognised anything I can call it around me. They’ve bn generally good to me.”

Lady talks about her experience in UK

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that a young lady who shared a glimpse of her life in the UK on TikTok has received a lot of attention from viewers and followers.

In the video, she narrated her memories and day-to-day activities in the UK, where she had relocated from Nigeria.

She revealed the struggles and hardships that she had to endure in her new environment, such as adapting to the culture, weather, and lifestyle.

There is also a story about a Nigerian lady who had recently relocated to the UK and was overjoyed when she secured a new job.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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