Well-dressed man sad as his date fails to show up, vows never to ask anyone out

  • A well-dressed young man who was disappointed by his female date has gone viral after he made his experience public
  • The disappointed youth made a video at the location of the failed date and showed an empty seat reserved for the lady
  • At the time of this report, his TikTok video has hit over 12 million views as internet users sent him kind words

A young man, @rlly.gene, has become a viral sensation after his date failed to turn up.

@rlly.gene looked dapper in a suit as he waited for his date at a table with a bouquet, to no avail

Young man sad after his date didn't show up, shares heartbreaking videoHe vowed never to ask anyone out again.
Photo Credit: @rlly.geneSource: TikTok

Disappointed, @rlly.gene recorded a video to tell netizens how he felt about being stood up.

In the video, @rlly.gene showed the empty seat before him, where his date would have sat.

He vowed never to ask anyone out again. @rlly.gene’s video was captioned:

“This is why i dont and will never ask somebody out EVER AGAIN.”

His clip hit over 12 million views on TikTok and touched people.

Fox Nigeria had shared how to toast a girl and make her fall in love with you.

Watch the video below:

People sympathised with @rlly.gene

Jenelle said:

“This the beginning of his demon era unfortunately.”

Konnors said:

“Same happened to me brodie, was a sign that it aint meant to be.”

Yohan said:

“Worse is when yo momma ask u how it was.”

LifewithTay said:

“Omggg please please don’t change your appearance or your approach!! You will find someone that loves and appreciates what you bring to the table.”

It’s Rudey said:

“Rejection is protection. Don’t ignore the blessing that you are.”

Chopsticks user said:

“God ruined your date because your date would have ruined you more than this. Keep your head up .”

lilimai said:

“You’re such a gentleman, she’s already regretting it.”

Pretty P said:

“So tired of ppl hurting nice ppl bro.”

Format to toast a woman

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported how to toast a woman.

Toasting a woman is a street word for wooing a girl. Master different toasting formats for girls you meet online and those you can access physically. Wooing multiple women at once is not bad as long as you do not have ill intentions.

The talking stage helps you understand the women you like more deeply and make a better choice when you are ready to start dating.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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