“We Will Use Solar Electricity”: Man Plans to Build ICT Hall in His Town, Install Starlink Internet

  • A Nigerian man is planning to embark on a big ICT project in his village to enable the people to acquire computer knowledge
  • The man, Alex Onyia, said the computer centre would have 1000 laptops, Starlink fast internet and solar electricity installed
  • He said two persons have indicated interest in helping him fund the project and that everyone in the village would have access to it

A Nigerian man said he is planning to build a computer centre in his home town.

The man said the computer centre would be powered with solar electricity for a 24/7 power supply.

Man plans to build ICT center in his village.Alex said the computer centre would be powered with solar electricity. Photo credit: X/Alex Onyia.Source: Twitter

Alex Onyia said the computer centre would have Elon Musk’s Starlink internet installed in it.

Alex noted that everyone in the village would have access to the ICT hub to acquire computer knowledge.

In a post on X, Alex shared a prototype photo of the computer centre that he generated from Chat GPT-4.

He revealed that two other persons have indicated interest in helping fund the project.

He said:

“I asked GPT-4 to come up with a 1000 laptop capacity Digital Learning Center for my village. In 10 seconds it came up with this amazing design. This is our next big project and it will be fully solar powered with Starlink high speed internet. 2 persons have indicted interest in co-funding the project and will definitely get more people to participate. Everyone in my community will be able to access this for free anytime with their community smart ID cards.”

See the post below:

Reactions as man plans to build computer center in his village

@collinsmaximil1 said:

“It’s a simple design but as an architect, I would give you a beautiful and eco-friendly, and sustainable design that would enhance learning in your village sir.”

@gospelsongsng said:

“Great design. The chairs do not seem comfortable, does not look so ergonomic.”

@JustKingss said:

“Wow, this is a great project. Continue impactful lives.”

Man helping to build a church in his village

Meanwhile, a cryptocurrency boss, Blord, is helping complete a gigantic church building in his village, Ebenebe, Anambra state.

Blord said the Ebenebe Tansi Church has remained unroofed for a long time, noting that he was just six years old when work stopped on it.

He disclosed that the church is now 70% completed and is a N300 million project, vowing to deliver it singlehandedly.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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