“We don’t throw it away”: Lady in abroad sells 6 empty bottles of water for N11k

  • A Nigerian lady who is a resident of Germany said empty bottles of water are not thrown away in the country
  • The lady took the empty bottles of water to a place where she sold them for €7.50, making an instant N11,000
  • She sold the bottles and used the N11,000 to buy a Rubik’s Cube needed by her son, and the video she shared is trending

A Nigerian lady living in Germany was able to sell six empty bottles of water for €7.50.

The lady said empty bottles of water in the country are not thrown away but could be sold.

The lady, Gifty, took the bottles to a place where she sold them and used the money to buy another thing.

She said:

“I live in Germany, and of course, we sell our empty water cans.”

When she got there, she dropped the bottles into a machine, which counted them and determined their worth.

Gifty used the money to buy a Rubik’s cube for her son, who was glad to receive it when she returned home.

Meanwhile, many reactions followed the video when she shared it on TikTok, and it caught the attention of her followers.

Watch the video below:

Reactions as lady sells empty water bottles

@dax asked:

“Do you speak English in Germany?”

@TRACY said:

“I dey sell bottles sometimes 65€. To return bottles na struggles for me.”

@Dream chaser said:

“Please tell us more about life in Germany. Love you.”

@OJ MOORE said:

“Bottles would be scarce to find since it has those values.”

@iphiee said:

“I live in Nigeria of course we dey use our empty water can take block drainage.”

@Emmy Dollars said:

“That 7€ na 10k for Nigeria.”

Man pays fine after his wife downloaded movie in Germany

Meanwhile, a lady living in Germany said she did not know it was against the law to randomly download copyrighted movies online in Germany.

She said she used her husband’s phone to download one movie on a website, and her husband was fined €1200.

Some people in her comment section said a similar thing happened to someone they know in Germany.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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