“Vendors Should Pay for Celeb’s Value”: Yomi Black Speaks on Social Media Impact on Fashion Trends

  • Actor and filmmaker Yomi Black has come a long way in his craft and believes his value and that of his colleagues should be handsomely paid for
  • In the trend of celebs admitting that they will pay vendors and not tag them, and vice versa, Yomi shared his take on the issue
  • He also spoke to TheTalk.NG in this interview about the impact of social media on the fashion sense of his colleagues, among other issues

The impact of social media cannot be over-emphasized and Nollywood actor and filmmaker Yomi Black believes it dictates the fashion trends.

Yomi Black rocks simple outfitsYomi Black shares his take on the impact of social media on fashion trends. Image credit: @yomiblackSource: Instagram

In this interview with Legit.ng, he shared his take on the trend of vendors requesting to be tagged on products that they have already been paid for. According to him, it is not mandatory because the celeb also has value to sell.

The movie star further revealed some interesting details in this conversation with him.

Social media dictates trends – Yomi admits

The actor stated that for a celeb to be tagged as one with an incredible fashion sense, it has to be dictated by social media trends.

“Just like most things now, social media dictates the pace. Most times, it is a result of celebrities and influencers dressing nicely and getting comments and likes, especially for big events like the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA) or premieres. Those fashion ideas have naturally dictated the new trends and who is hot and who is not.”

Yomi believes vendors don’t deserve compulsory tags

The role interpreter shared his opinion on the trend of vendors desiring to be tagged on social media for products that they have been paid for.

“I think celebs don’t like to tag them because they know the value that they bring and if I am paying you for a service, it is unfair for you to say I will market you for free especially when I have hundreds of thousands or millions of followers online. It is very difficult for celebs to tag vendors because the value is not commensurate. For instance, if you sell something to me worth N50k and the value of what I do will bring you a lot more, it is a no-brainer. People will just generally want to tag vendors except they are being paid for it.”

Yomi speaks on maintaining classy lifestyles

Turning up at occasions looking glamorous is part of the lifestyles of celebrities and it does not come cheap. The competition is high and no one wants to be caught un-fresh or not meeting up to the red carpet standard. Yomi buttressed this point:

“Maintaining an enviable lifestyle is quite expensive, especially in Lagos. The designers now know the value of what they bring to the table. Yesterday’s price is not today’s price and it is a lot of competition out there for the fashionistas. So, everyone wants to up their game. It is not cheap at all and I advise someone to have something going in his hands before one dives into being a full-time fashionista. It can be quite expensive.”

Has Yomi made any fashion mistakes?

Even though one would always like to look good, there are times one can be caught dressing away from the norm. Yomi giggled as he spoke about if he had made any fashion mistakes or not.

“Fashion mistakes is a no-no. I always check and double check. One can ask a friend or a partner to check especially when one is coming out for a major event. On if I have ever had a fashion mistake, I won’t reveal that (laughs).

Yomi Black loves expensive wristwatches

In an earlier interview with TheTalk.NG, Yomi opened up on what influences his fashion preferences and his decision to follow trends.

Also, he also spoke about his most expensive fashion accessory

He further revealed how he likes to keep his hair while noting that maintaining long hair is quite expensive.

Source: TheTalk.NG

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