“U’re Evil”: Femi Adebayo’s Wife Slams Dayo Amusa for Calling Her Hubby Out Over Bobrisky’s Issues

  • The raging issue within the Nigerian movie industry between Bobrisky, Dayo Amusa, Femi Adebayo and others has taken a new turn
  • Hours after Dayo Amusa had slammed the organisers of the event where Femi Adebayo presented Bobrisky with the award of the best-dressed female, she drops another bombshell
  • This time, Dayo Amusa directly slammed her colleague Femi Adebayo, and her jabs have stirred a response from the Jagun Jagun actor and his wife, Aladuke

The raging issue within the Yoruba Nigerian movie industry has taken a new turn as Dayo Amusa goes out gun blazing in her face-off between Femi Adebayo and Bobrisky.

Dayo Amusa was one of the first persons to react after Bobrisky was crowned the best-dressed female during the premiere of Ajakaju.

Dayo Amusa and Femi Adebayo trade words over the Best-dressed award given to Bobrisky during the premiere of Ajakaju.Dayo Amusa and Femi Adebayo trade words over the Best-dressed award given to Bobrisky.
Photo credit: @dayoamusa/@femiadebayosalami/@bobrisky222Source: Instagram

However, Dayo’s post got on the wrong side of her colleague Femi Adebayo and his wife, Aladuke, who presented Bobrisky with the award.

In a recent post, Aladuke reacted to Dayo Amusa‘s slamming her husband’s colleague for being an enemy in disguise.

Femi Adebayo exchanges words with Amusa

After Femi Adebayo’s wife slammed Dayo Amusa, the actress reacted by sharing a post on her page.

Femi Adebayo went on his colleague’s page and attacked her. He noted that now it is clear that her attack on him was deliberate, and it has to do with other things which go beyond just the award.

In his response, Adebayo asked his colleague to stop being jealous of his achievements and should rather exhaust all of this energy into her work.

Here below is Aladuke’s post slamming Dayo Amusa:

See Dayo Amusa’s post below:

Netizens react to Amusa and Adebayo’s fight

See some of the reactions that trailed the exchange:


“I now see that you truly want to come for me! You have actually done it with the wrongest person @dayoamusa if my success is your problem you can never have rest of mind because I have just started! It’s advisable you channel your energy to your career and not be too busy on bringing me down!!!”


“E don do u too abeg … Sidi don close case on this matter cos that lady said the plain truth y’all refuse to accept .. She has the right to defend her husband.”


“What will pain me in all of this is if the movie does not make sense when it starts showing after all these wahala.”


“Take responsibility for what exactly?! Why are you fighting Femi when Eniola Ajao is the organizer of the event?! He was asked to present and award so you expect him to say no? Why exactly is Femi the only one getting the heat? What happened to the event planner? You’re just an hypocrite.”


“Madam JagunJagun..take it easy, e never reach this level. Allow your hubby to handle this matter.”


“Even threatening, “don’t push this too far”! In the video, you were bold to talk down on the award presenter, now that the wife comes out bold enough to defend her own, you want to shut her up. You can’t take what you dish out.”


“Why didn’t he reject the offer. You guys will always see the truth and look away.”


“You don’t need all this ma, what point are trying to justify ma, sometimes silence speaks louder than voice.”


“I swear, my love and respect for that Aladuke just dropped, she didn’t do well at all.”


“Ati aladuke ooo ati alabefe ooo, eti ya weray.”


“She has the right to defend her husband, telling her she’s shallow minded is so rude. You don’t even have to do the 1st video atall. You are found of this and is not good at all.”

Toyin Abraham slams Femi Adebayo over Bobrisky’s award

TheTalk.NG recalls reporting how Toyin Abraham also reacted when she found out that Femi Adebayo was the one who presented Bobrisky with the award of best-dressed female.

She slammed her colleague, noting that something must have been wrong with him for announcing that Bob was the best dressed female at the premiere of Ajakaju.

Source: TheTalk.NG

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