Unveiling the Uncomfortable Truth: Mass Kidnappings in Nigeria, Femi Fani-Kayode Speaks Out

Sadly, many Nigerians might not take the time to read and understand this message because, frankly, it might seem too complex for them.

Even worse, especially among the younger generation, there seems to be a struggle to read more than a few lines. This is not just a shame but also to their own disadvantage.

For those with the depth, insight, foresight, and intellectual capacity to understand the points I’ve made here, I encourage you to bookmark this and observe what unfolds. It’s crucial that we identify and acknowledge the problem and take action on the issues raised.

The recent spate of mass abductions and kidnappings in our country has two main reasons behind it.

Firstly, it’s about acquiring cash, which is then often used to buy more weapons and fund terror activities. Secondly, it’s a deliberate attempt to destabilize our nation and undermine the credibility of our President and the Federal Government.

This is a pattern we’ve seen before, such as with the abduction of the Chibok girls and other incidents over the years. The motives go beyond just getting money; there are shady characters, criminal groups, foreign governments, intelligence agencies, and local collaborators involved in this evil.

Nigeria is under attack, targeted for destruction, division, and disintegration by those who see us as a threat to their interests. Unfortunately, many of us fail to grasp this reality.

These forces do not want a strong, united, and prosperous Nigeria. They would prefer to see us weakened, divided, and subservient. They fear a Nigeria that could stand up for itself and African interests on the global stage.

For us to achieve that strong and enviable status is not just their greatest fear but their worst nightmare.

They wonder, who can challenge a strong Nigeria? Where else would they get their resources and control if not from Nigeria? Without a strong Nigeria, Africa loses its voice and the black race loses its place in the world.

The powers at play in global politics do not want us to succeed. They see us as weak, corrupt, backward, and easily manipulated. They want us to remain dependent on them for validation and leadership.

But they are mistaken. They do not understand who we are. They fear an unrestrained Nigeria with bold, confident, and fearless leaders who do not seek approval from external forces.

It’s time for us to rise up and save Nigeria. We must stop seeking validation from those who do not wish us well. We must reject their divisive tactics and economic models that only serve to harm our people.

Think about who funds the terrorists and where they get their weapons. This is not happening by chance. There is a long-term conspiracy to destabilize and destroy our nation.

We must acknowledge that we have a major problem that needs solving. The recent spate of abductions and attacks is not a coincidence; it’s a deliberate attempt to plunge us into fear, poverty, and chaos.

It’s clear that our so-called “friends” in the West and the international community are not our allies in this fight. Asking for their help is like asking the big bad wolf to protect Little Red Riding Hood.

We need help, and if we can get it from Russia, China, or even Iran to restore our peace, freedom, and prosperity, we should seek it.

May God open our eyes and deliver our nation. Let us come together, put aside our differences, and stand against the forces of evil to save Nigeria.

•Fani-Kayode, a lawyer and former Minister of Aviation and Culture and Tourism, urges Nigerians to unite and resist the plots against our nation.

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