“Una Broke for Una Coven?” – Tonto Dikeh Shares Bizarre Dream After Verydarkman’s Arrest

Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh recently shared a strange dream she had after hearing about the purported arrest of controversial media figure Verydarkman. She took to social media to express her thoughts.

In the dream, Tonto confessed that she was fed something she dislikes, which happened to be beans. She humorously questioned why they couldn’t have served her something better like rice, chicken, or fufu instead of beans.

Playfully, Tonto advised those delivering food in her dreams to take note that she does not eat beans. She even joked about whether the witches’ coven had run out of resources, hence the beans.

Her post read:
“Who is giving me beans in my dream? This is serious ‘see finish’, you couldn’t find rice, chicken or even fufu, just beans V beansss? Well, that’s why I didn’t eat it. Before you see me in your dream again, it won’t be easy and if you mess up like this. Is it that you want to use ‘kpe’ on me or has your coven gone broke? I have been laughing so hard!”

To add a humorous twist, she listed the foods she’d prefer in her dreams next time:
– Sushi
– T-bone steak
– Mashed potatoes
– Fisherman soup and fufu (white garri, not yellow)
– Indomie with turkey
– Bacon and sunny-side-up egg (medium rare)

Tonto’s lighthearted post brought a touch of humor to her followers, showcasing her playful side amidst the strange dream she had.

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