UK-Based Nigerian man buys clipper on hearing that single hair cut costs N40,000

  • A UK-based Nigerian man was filmed as he shaved his own hair, a spectacle that rapidly gained viral status
  • In the clip, the gentleman revealed his discovery of the staggering N40,000 cost for a single haircut
  • Opting for a more economical approach, he invested in a clipper and embarked on a journey of self-grooming at home, saving himself a monthly expense of N160,000

A Nigerian man living in the UK went viral after a video showed him shaving his hair.

In the clip, he revealed that he discovered he’d have to spend N40,000 on haircuts.

The man shared reason for opting for self-barbingThe man shaved his beard as he explained his reason. @chief_oyiboqueenSource: TikTok

Opting for a more cost-effective solution, he purchased a clipper and started shaving his own hair. This tale of personal grooming and financial savvy, as shown by @cheif_oyiboqueen, resonated with viewers, propelling the video to viral fame.

Watch the video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

Olisaemeka said:

“But we you earn in Pounds so why always covert to Naira?”

Corect Dude wrote:

“Na so i dey do am myself too o.”

Yemi_ Pure Gold commented:

“That’s why most people there do dreadlocks.”

Promiseamah also commented:

“Tell your wife cut it for you brother.”


“How is that our business??”

Prime Fades unisex salon:

“You CN do this by yourself on when you go with Bald always.”

Akwara Ike:

“I use to Cut my hair by myself I even cut my hair today.”


“20 pounds is really nothing here sha.”

Steve Kalfman:

“2 years I used in dubai I was cutting my hair myself. Why you dey shavel dude room sir.”


“Boss you mean business.”

Man barbs himself abroad to save money

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that a Nigerian man who resides in the UK decided to save some money by cutting his own hair instead of going to a barber.

He recorded a video of his DIY haircut and posted it on TikTok, where it quickly became a viral sensation.

In the video, he was seen using a clipper to shave off his beard and the hair on his head. He carefully marked the sections he wanted to cut, hoping to avoid making too many blunders.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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