Twitter Nigeria Abuzz as Buju and Davido Feud Sparks Heated Debate

Currently, Twitter Nigeria is ablaze with a heated argument centered around Buju and Davido. It all started when a Davido fan replied to a post, which Buju didn’t take well. Buju’s response was fiery, pointing out that the fan’s favorite artist is mediocre and even ended his reply with “FEM,” a reference to Davido’s song. This sparked a fiery exchange.

Davido then deleted a post where he announced a collaboration with Buju. A Twitter user named Mbah speculated that the public might never hear the music they made together. However, Buju countered this by stating he will still release the music since he wrote all the songs.

At the time of writing, Davido has unfollowed Buju on Twitter, adding fuel to the Twitter fire. The discussion has divided Twitter users, with some calling for Buju’s cancellation while others defend him, praising his lyrical genius and good music.

Opinions are split on who is at fault. Some believe Buju overreacted to the Davido fan’s comment, while others think Davido’s actions, like deleting the collaboration announcement and unfollowing Buju, were immature.

What are your thoughts on this situation? Who do you think is at fault, and why do you think so?

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