“To think I saw this”: Lady finds out bus driver is live on TikTok on the road

  • A young lady in Lagos narrated a humorous incident that occurred on a bus, capturing immediate online interest
  • The video revealed the driver engaging with a live TikTok audience while navigating towards their destination
  • She confessed her astonishment at the enterprising nature of Lagos residents, which she found quite entertaining

In Lagos, a Nigerian lady captured a curious scene on her camera: a bus driver was simultaneously driving and live-streaming on TikTok.

This unexpected moment of multitasking, shared by @lizzian5, quickly became a talking point online.

The Nigerian lady shared her experience on the busThe Nigerian lady saw when the bus driver went live. Photo credit: @lizzian5Source: TikTok

She expressed both amusement and surprise at the relentless work ethic that seems to thrive in the city’s atmosphere, as shown by @lizzian5.

Many people who watched the video expressed their delight, while some admitted that they often follow TikTok live.

As of publishing the story, the video has gathered hundreds of likes and comments with a growing momentum.

TikTok live

A TikTok live video is a feature within the TikTok app that allows users to broadcast videos in real-time to their followers.

Unlike pre-recorded TikTok videos, live videos are unedited and unscripted, offering an interactive experience where viewers can join the session, comment, ask questions, and send virtual gifts.

Watch the video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

Tems Money said:

“Bus driver tiktok live video.”

Beads By ChristyO wrote:

“And I saw this live yesterday o.”

Cakes IN Ibadan:

“Double hustle.”

Night.mares commented:

“I do watch his tiktok live.”


“Really, was surprised 100 of people were watching him.”


“To think I saw this.”


“My eyes see watin my mouth no fe talk.”

Uber driver working abroad happy

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that thousands of reactions trailed the video of a Nigerian lady who took an Uber ride abroad where she lives.

What made the video go viral was the Uber driver’s overwhelmed reaction to having picked a Nigerian.

In a video shared on TikTok by @itssbelema, the man exploded in joy when he asked the lady her country and she said Nigeria.

There is also a video of a young Nigerian man, Feyisayo, living in the UK, who has expressed surprise at the working system in a foreign country.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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