“Tinubu: No Ransom Should Be Paid to Criminals in Kaduna Kidnapping Case”

President Bola Tinubu emphasized again on Wednesday that the government should not pay any ransom to kidnappers, bandits, or criminals for the release of abducted persons. This was mentioned during the Federal Executive Council meeting in Abuja, chaired by the President.

The Minister of Information and National Orientation, speaking to reporters after the meeting, shared that the President is firm on the directive to security agencies and the Ministry of Defence to ensure the safe return of abducted children to their families. He emphasized the President’s “zero tolerance” for ransom payments, especially in light of recent kidnappings in Kaduna State where children are still being held for large sums of money.

Regarding the concerning increase in kidnappings nationwide, the Minister acknowledged the incidents in Kaduna, Borno, and Sokoto. He assured that the government is closely monitoring these events and taking proactive measures to halt such criminal activities.

The Minister reiterated the President’s stance that such abductions are unacceptable, and the government is actively working to prevent and stop these crimes. Despite the challenges posed by criminals targeting vulnerable individuals, the government remains resolute. The President has directed security agencies to prioritize the safe return of all abducted persons without resorting to ransom payments.

In conclusion, the government is resolute in its stance against ransom payments, and it remains optimistic that the abducted children and others will be safely reunited with their families.

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