Timini Egbuson Explains 7 Reasons Why He Believes He’s Still Larger Than Life Compared to Zubby Michael

Zubby and Timini have been in the spotlight recently after a clip from their TV show, Ebuka Turns Up Africa, went viral. In the clip, Zubby jokingly remarked that he would “buy” Timini in response to Timini claiming he’s the biggest actor in Africa.During a recent interview with Cool FM, Timini stood by his claim and gave 7 reasons why he still believes he’s bigger than Zubby. Here’s what Timini had to say:

**7 Reasons Why I Believe I’m Bigger Than Zubby Michael – Timini Egbuson**

When asked why he thinks he’s a bigger actor than Zubby, Timini explained:

“So the thing is, if you watched the show, I wasn’t specifically talking about Zubby. I always speak confidently about myself wherever I go. I consider myself the biggest actor, not just bigger than Zubby, but bigger than everyone else. You see, Zubby took it personally, which is understandable because he also sees himself as a big actor. However, what truly matters is that we are all still providing for our families. But, if we were to break it down statistically speaking in terms of (1) the quality of movies we make, (2) the variety of movies we act in, (3) the number of movies we’ve been a part of, (4) our box office records, (5) our popularity among industry experts and those driving the industry forward, and (6) our years of relevance and (7) consistency, if we consider all these factors, there’s no way Zubby would score higher than me. It’s just not possible, 100 percent.”

“I must also mention that I am a huge fan of Zubby. I support his work, follow him on social media, and admire the way he maintains his brand. Another thing I’m advocating for is putting actors on the map in general. There aren’t many of us who truly live like celebrities and make this industry look as glamorous as it should be. Think about it, before this whole Zubby/Timini situation, when was the last time actors dominated social media discussions for days? Zubby has that star power, and you can’t deny that.”

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