“This Is Not Fair”: Netizens React As Cubana Chiefpriest Gets N10m Bail, Unlike Bobrisky

  • The Nigerian social media space has been buzzing all morning after Lagos socialite, Cubana Chiefpriest, appeared in court for the abuse of the naira
  • Hours after news about Cubana Chiefpriest being dragged to court by the Economic Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for the abuse of the naira, he has been granted bail
  • Unlike popular crossdresser Bobrisky, Cubana Chiefpriest wasn’t detained in EFCC’s custody and was granted bail for N10m
  • Amidst the recent court decision to grant Chiefpriest bail TheTalk.NG reached out to a legal counsel to help under why the socialite wasn’t detained the same way Bobrisky was before his sentencing

The report about Nigerian nightlife king and socialite Paschal Okekchukwu, aka Cubana Chiefpriest, being dragged before the Lagos High by the EFCC for the mutilation and abuse of the naira is currently the biggest story in the country at the moment.

Cubana Chiefpriest’s case is coming days after Nigerian crossdresser Bobrisky was dragged to court and sentenced to six months in jail for the same crime.

Netizens react after Cubana Chiefpriest gets bail.Nigerians lament bias after Cubana Chiefpriest got bail but Bobrisky didn’t.
Photo credit: @officialefcc/@bobrisky222/cubana_chiefpriestSource: Instagram

However, unlike Bobrisky, Cubana Chiefpriest was granted bail after he appeared before the court earlier today, April 17, 2024.

Cubana Chiefpriest’s bail was set at N10m. Crossdresser Bobrisky wasn’t granted the same luxury as Chiefpriest. Instead, he was incarcerated at the EFCC’s holding cell in Lagos for over eight days before he was finally sentenced to jail for six months.

See the report confirming that Cubana Chiefpriest was granted bail:

Netizens react as Chiefpriest gets bail

Social media have been awash with different comments from netizens as they react to Chiefpriest getting released on bail.

Many couldn’t help but question why Cubana Chiefpriest got granted bail, but Bobrisky didn’t get the same treatment.

Here are some of the reactions that trailed the viral news:


“Can someone explain to me like a 5 years old why Cubana Chief Priest was granted bail and Bobrisky wasn’t.”


“Bobrisky’s lawyer— Lawyer Kunle. Cubana Chief Priest’s Lawyer— Lawyer Layi Wasabi. Do the math.”


“Even after all the Evidence. They said Cubana pleaded not guilty. Walahi! Justice is blind.”


“Cubana Chief Priest granted ₦10 million bail. This is evidence that Igbo people always get away with things in this country. Bobrisky was arrested for same reason but wasn’t granted bail rather he/she was sentenced just because he’s a Yoruba man. Abolish Igbo tribe.”


“10 million naira but isn’t that too much? But why dem no gave Bobrisky the same fine I’m pretty sure he can afford that too. And again from the constitution or Nigeria law I thought they said the charges for Naira abúsê na 50k naira.”


“This is one of the reason why Lawlessness will continue to thrive. May the Richest man Win. Oya nah.”


“He pleaded not guilty.”


“Na Sabinus represent Bob for court. Pleaded guilty like pikin wey dem catch with stew for hand for kitchen. If Lawyer too get A for school na problem.”


“Money na water. EFCC dey thirsty.”


“Bobrisky pleaded guilty while Cubana chiefpriest said he is not.”


“I think it’s because he pleaded not guilty. I’m not bothered about that but why 10m when the constitution says 50k is the fine for whoever is found guilty??”

“Bobrisky’s decision was harsh” – Barr. Onwuka Egwu

Amidst the recent court battle between the EFCC and popular socialite, Cubana Chiefpriest, TheTalk.NG reached out to Barrister Onwuka Egwu to get a good understanding of the court decision and why he was granted bail. Onwuka said:

“Cubana Chiefpriest was granted bail because he pleaded not guilty unlike Bobrisky. As it stands, the EFCC are the ones who have to prove beyond reasonable doubt that CP is guilty. Also, He was granted bail doesn’t mean he is not guilty. I don’t know who Bobrisky’s lawyer is but he didn’t help the crossdresser’s case. Also I think the court’s verdict on Bobrisky’s case was too harsh for a first time offender.”

Chiefpriest’s son Obinna descends on dad’s food

Meanwhile, TheTalk.NG recalls reporting a video of Cubana Chiefpriest’s son, Obinna, showing his huge appetite for jollof rice.

A trended online a while where Chiefpriest’s son Obinna was seen ravaging his dad’s food after finishing his own.

In the video, Obinna was seen seated on the floor while devouring multiple plates of rice.

Source: TheTalk.NG

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