“They Tried 2 Be Messy”: Cardi B Reacts As TMZ Asks Ayra Starr Shady Question About Her Met Gala Fit

  • Nigerian singer Ayra Starr’s recent encounter with TMZ’s reporter has drawn a reaction from rapper Cardi B
  • In a video that went viral, Ayra Starr was captured being asked shady questions about Cardi B at the Met Gala
  • Ayra’s reaction to the question drew a comment from Cardi B on social media and other Nigerians also shared their thoughts

Nigerian singer Oyinkansola Aderibigbe aka Ayra Starr has made headlines following her encounter with a TMZ reporter after the recently held Met Gala.

A video made the rounds on social media showing the Mavin Records signee being cornered in the street by the reporter who proceeded to ask questions about Cardi B’s outfit at the Met Gala.

TMZ reporter asks Ayra Starr about Cardi B's Met Gala outfit in viral video.Cardi B praises Ayra Starr after her encounter with TMZ reporter.
Photos: @iamcardib, @ayrastarrSource: Instagram

In the video, the TMZ staff explained that Cardi B’s outfit at the star-studded event took months to make but she could not remember the designers when she was asked about it. The reporter then proceeded to ask Ayra Starr is she didn’t find that to be disrespectful of the rapper.

She said:

“The dress that she wore to the Met Gala took months to make and she didn’t remember the name of the designers who made the dress. She said she was supposed to stand and pose on the podium and there was a lot going on but you’ve been on a lot of red carpets, is it disrespectful to not know the designer’s name?”

Ayra Starr responds to TMZ reporter

After being asked her opinion about Cardi B forgetting the names of her designers at the Met Gala, Ayra Starr proceeded to answer the question by attributing the rapper’s actions to nerves.

However, she quickly caught herself and said she did not know or have an opinion on the matter. In her words:

“It’s nerves sometimes, I don’t know, to be honest I don’t know.”

However, the TMZ reporter was relentless and continued to try to get Ayra Starr to speak on the matter. The reporter told the Nigerian singer that she had been to a lot of red-carpet events and that the outfits were the main reason people were there. She then asked the Sabi Girl how she would feel if someone forgot the name of her new album. The TMZ staff also told Ayra to advise Cardi B on how to remember things in future.

She said:

“You’ve been on tons of red carpets, it’s kind of why you’re there. So if I came to you and said I forgot the name of your new album, you’d be like ‘what the hell, do you research girl’. Is there a way that you remember things that you need to know that maybe you can give advice to Cardi B on?”

However, Ayra Starr had this to say:

“I don’t know. I love Cardi B always, every time.”

See a video of their exchange below:

Cardi B reacts to Ayra Starr’s TMZ interview

After the video of Ayra Starr’s exchange with the TMZ reporter went viral online, Cardi B caught wind of it and shared her thoughts.

According to the Bodak Yellow star, the reporter was trying to be messy but Ayra Starr handled it well. Cardi wrote:

“Ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa try to be messy and mission failed ..also why put a superstar like Ayra in such a weird and uncomfortable position?”

See her tweet below:

Netizens react as Cardi B speaks on Ayra Star with TMZ

Cardi B’s reaction to Ayra Starr’s TMZ interview piqued the interest of Nigerians after it went viral. Read what some of them had to say about it below:


“My girl denied the lady like a proper Nigerian Sis said no put me for wahala “I don’t know” .”


“Yes!!! It’s true! Love her reply very nice response.”


“Basically to summarize other all why was tmz being shady and putting ayra in a weird position.”


“Entertaining the discussion is where stewpidty comes in walk away because it tmz doesn’t mean you need the publicity.”


“If na Davido nah. He for don talk full ground .”


“She handles it well .”


“Interviewer was so annoying and cringe she said ITS NERVES BIHHHH.”


“Walk past TMZ. dts the cruise.”


“TMZ u dey craze.”


“Why u go put Ayra in that kind position?”


“@ayrastarr great response don’t let all this international bloggers make you and en£my to your international colleagues oo werey niwon o.”


“That interviewer is evil! She had an agenda and she was not going to let up. But Ayra did so well.”


“The interviewer trynna scrutinize her but she failed.”


“Real Queens don’t bring each other down.”


“This witch interviewer tried putting words in her mouth…..and failed.”

Doja Cat wears bathroom towel at the Met Gala

In more entertainment news, TheTalk.NG reported that Doja Cat attended the Met Gala looking like she just stepped out of the shower.

The Paint the Town Red hitmaker had tongues wagging when she walked on the red carpet in a bathroom towel and heels.

Doja Cat is not one to follow trends but instead, pushes boundaries to help set her apart from other entertainers. Be it in music or her outrageous fashion sense; the rapper is not afraid to make a spectacle of herself to stand out.

Source: TheTalk.NG

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