“They Are So Young”: Beautiful Ladies And Handsome Men Serving in US Army Go Viral on TikTok

  • Some young people who are serving in the United States Army are trending on TikTok due to how good they look
  • In the video, the servicemen and women were interviewed and asked the reason they chose to join the US Army
  • They gave different reasons for joining, but many of them said they joined the US Army because of the money

A video showed fine-looking young people serving in the United States Army.

In the video, the military men and women were asked to give the reasons why they chose a career in the US Army.

Young people in the US Army.The young people gave reasons why they joined the US Army. Photo credit: TikTok/@simplyyy.vee.Source: TikTok

Some of them mentioned that they joined the army for the money they were going to earn.

One of the soldiers said he joined the US Army because his father was also a soldier.

Yet another one said he joined the US Army because his brother also joined. The video has sparked many reactions.

Netizens acknowledged that the military men and women are good-looking and young as well. The video was posted by @simplyyy.vee_.

Watch the video below:

Reactions from netizens

@user4269578044033 said:

“See fine fine girls.”

@JB HO.E said:

“I think I was drunk when I made the decision.”

@AsiaCee_ said:

“Everyone looks legit like babies.”

@dubset said:

“I guess that’s how I looked in 1993 when I joined…WOW they are babies. I appreciate their service.”

@Prîncê Òpéyémì Hâryô said:

“I want to join the army. I love it so much.”

@Monèt said:

“The guy that said “they said it was easy” is too gullible. Because why would you believe that?”

@Rico asked:

“What’s their skincare routine cos how yall in the army looking so fine?”

@Nurselyfe84 said:

“They Army ALMOST got me in high school with promises of lots of money and other things, so grateful my mom talked me out of it.”

Female soldier welcomes baby

In a related story, a female soldier who welcomed a child showed the baby off in a TikTok video, which fascinated many of her followers.

The new mother, who was dressed in her military uniform, had the child wrapped in a camouflage.

She sang along to a song playing in the background, saluting and gesturing while the baby watched in amazement.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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