“The man that catapillared us to rondom”: Prophet Odumeje speaks with pilot

  • Prophet Odumeje Indabosky recently enjoyed a light-hearted interaction with the flight crew during his Air Peace flight to London
  • He recounted the journey as delightful and fulfilling, highlighting the quality of service provided
  • In a gesture of appreciation, he commended the pilot for ensuring a safe and smooth flight from Lagos to London

Prophet Odumeje Indabosky engaged in a jovial exchange with the crew aboard his Air Peace journey to London.

The esteemed clergyman recounted his pleasant and satisfactory flight experience, as shown by @prophetodumeje.

Odumeje had a brief conversation with flight attendant and pilotOdumeje spoke with Air Peace pilot. Photo credit: @prophetodumejeSource: TikTok

He seized the moment to express gratitude towards the captain, whose expertise was pivotal for their secure passage from Lagos to London.

Watch the video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

Blossomadaobi said:

“But seriously there is no low self esteem found in Odumeje. His confidence needs to be studied.”

Homemade Dishes:

“Is this lady a graduate?”

N2nelly commented:

“Indabosky finally met Abitoshaker pilot.”


“Pastor content creator.”


“Sir pleasee start loading all power into that plane ooo. We need more and make sure u meet erimos.”


“Odumeje a good man, giving free advert and support for airpeace.. All love!! God bless.”


“Air peace gathered all the powers to London. wao!”


“My daddy citadel.”

Japhet chukwuemeka:

“The man that catapillared us to Rondom!”


“God as my name be peace make I fly air peace too.”


“Odumeje dey give me joy.”

Vivy _collection:

“Me I wan just enter de flight from Nigeria to London den enter another plane from Der back to Nigeria shebi I go London too?”

Adam Agwa:

“Very happy man.”

Badass designer:

“Very tall man- odumeje.”


“Ask her if she’s a graduate.”


“Odumeje the Joy maker.”


“Happy man.”

Lady shares her experience on flying Airpeace

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a Nigerian traveller recently recounted her journey with Air Peace from Lagos to London, praising it as a highly rewarding experience.

She detailed the ticket price of N886, 000 and shared her contentment with the cost-effectiveness.

She highlighted that the fare was considerably less than what she would have incurred with alternative carriers, underscoring the value offered by Air Peace.

There is also a story of a Nigerian man who is over the moon because of the amount Air Peace is charging for a direct flight from Lagos to London.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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