“That’s so clean”: 18-year-old lady gets car from mother, screams on entering

  • A mother residing in Los Angeles, US, presented her daughter with a new car upon her high school graduation, an event that subsequently captured the online community’s interest
  • Clad in a white gown, the young lady was beckoned to view her vehicle, and her expression transformed instantaneously
  • Behind the camera, the mother tried to ask if she liked it as her daughter stepped into the car and let out a joyous exclamation

In Los Angeles, a mother’s heartfelt gift of a new car to her daughter in celebration of her high school graduation became an online sensation.

The daughter’s transformation from surprise to sheer joy was captured in the video.

The young lady received car from her motherThe young lady was excited about the car gift from her mother. Photo credit: @melissa_odumSource: TikTok

The mother asked her if she liked the car, and she let out a joyous shout to show that she did, @melissa_odum.

In her words:

“I’m so proud of my baby. She made 18 in March and all she wanted was a car. I was apprehensive. However, she is a really great kid. I couldn’t let her go without a car after working so hard. She is going to Esthetician School in August. Im so excited for her. She’s also a lash artist already. She’s accepting new clients.”

Watch the video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

Deztaneessecret said:

“Baby that Honda look so cleannnnnn.”

BanditPupsBoutique wrote:

“Have the 2024 Honda HRV EXL & I love it.”


“I just looked at my mom and sighed.”


“She looks so pretty CONGRATS.”


“I have graduated everything, even have Me two degrees I no see bicycle.”


“The scream, she’s so happy.”


“I love a kid who is so appreciative of things. Congratulations baby girl!”


“You did good Mom beautiful lady and car.”


“That’s so cleannnn.”

Daughter gets her mother new car

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a mother was sleeping at home when her daughter entered the house.

She asked her mother why she was sleeping and she responded that she was resting because it was a public holiday.

The daughter took her mother outside to show her the brand new car that she had bought for her.

In a recent development, Fox Nigeria reported that a wealthy mother made the 16th birthday of her daughter a worthwhile one as she bought her a new Mercedes Benz.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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