“That Slap Sweet”: Student Asks Lecturer If He Would Allow Him Date His Daughter, Gets Epic Response

  • A video of a Nigerian student interacting happily with his male lecturer has stirred reactions online
  • The bold student approached his lecturer and enquired if he would be permitted to date his daughter
  • The academic’s response to the student’s request amused some netizens, while others compared him to other lecturers

A Nigerian student pulled a funny stunt on his lecturer and shared the clip on social media.

The student, @tonyodiraa, met his lecturer and posed a question about his daughter.

Student asks lecturer if he would permit him to date his daughter, video trendsThe student interacted with his lecturer happily.
Photo Credit: @tonyodiraaSource: TikTok

“Sir, will you allow me date your daughter?” @tonyodiraa said while smiling.

His question amused his lecturer, who responded that the student could date his daughter if she found him attractive.

The high point of the clip was when the academic gave the student a light slap on the back of the head.

In another academic-student moment, an ABSU lecturer had proposed to a female student.

Watch the video below:

Reactions trail the student’s action

Emmanuel said:

“That slap sweet me.”

Bobby said:

“That slap was a friendly warning.”

SmAeX said:

“Habibi,come to lautech SLT exam officer talk this thing.”

Kingz said:

“This question go give u carry over if na one wicked Mr Kayode wey I know.”

derry said:

“He doesn’t see u as a threat.”

Angel‍♀️ said:

“See my boyfriend in the background.”

anyanwuchiomajuli said:

“This is why I like private uni you are allowed to interact with your HOD and lectures.”


“Come and try it with aaua lecturer.”

rashyyyyyy said:

“Bro literally risks his life for us.”

Student funnily proposes to his lecturer

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a male student had pulled a proposal stunt on his female lecturer.

The incident happened at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria (ABU) and sent social media users into a frenzy. Bantin, a songwriter and hypeman, approached her where she sat and presented her flowers.

People present screamed happily, urging the lecturer to say yes to him. Selling the act well, the lecturer acted emotional and covered her face before receiving the flower from the young man. The video went viral on TikTok. Fox Nigeria gathered that it was all for fun and not a serious proposal.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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