“Stop paying your girlfriend’s house rent”: Lady advises men, gives exception

  • A Nigerian lady has sparked mixed reactions on social media with her advice to men concerning their girlfriends
  • The lady appealed to men to quit paying the house rent of their girlfriends and gave an exception to it
  • Her advice earned her the admiration of many men on social media, while others tackled people who do so

Olaedo Chioma Irene, a Nigerian lady, has said it is wrong for men to pay their girlfriends’ house rent.

Chioma gave the advice in a Facebook post which has stirred mixed reactions.

Nigerians react as lady advises men to stop paying their girlfriends' house rentsChioma said men should stop paying their girlfriends’ house rents.
Photo Credit: Joseph Egabor, Facebook/Olaedo Chioma IreneSource: Getty Images

Chioma added that if the lady’s income doesn’t pay her rent, she should return home. However, Chioma made an exception.

She said men can still do so when “it is something challenging.” Chioma’s Facebook post read:

“Except it is something challenging, stop paying your girlfriend house rent. If her income can’t pay her rent. Let her go home.”

In another story, a man had plotted revenge on a neighbour who used money to woo his girlfriend.

Reactions trail Chioma’s advice to men

Val Ejike said:

“I support this post with 1 crate of beer.”

Solomon Onofas said:

“Hmmm this small table they are managing you want to remove the four legs .”

Uzor Prosper Chukwuma said:

“People do this? Chai!

“Ndi eriri eri.”

James Frex said:

“Wow. Sunday vawulence. Let the table break. Increase the volume.”

P Gab Ekene said:

“✔️ Oga your gf is not yet wife… Know this and know peace .”

Obiitodo Mars said:

“It is actually nothing if you have the money but beomes everything if mandatory and you don’t have the money, having money I mean is when you can see that as a responsibility.”

Chris De Legacy said:

“If I love u I can do anything for u .my love is limitless ND has no boundaries.what I hate is “Entitlement”,like i owe u.”u are supposed to do this for me” ..taking my kindness for granted…”

Lady laments after giving lover N250k

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a lady had recounted her terrible experience with her ex, whom she gave N250k to rent an apartment.

In a story she posted on X, the lady, Uzoamaka, said the man told her he would settle down with her.

She said months into their relationship, the man asked her for financial assistance to enable him to rent an apartment. He told her that after marrying her, they would move into the apartment he would rent.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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