Soldiers Enter University, Pay Huge Respect to Their Colleague Who Was Graduating From School

  • Some soldiers were seen at a university when they were celebrating with one of their own who just finished school
  • In a heartwarming video trending on TikTok, the man was seen taking the salute from his military friends
  • Other students watched as the soldiers performed on campus to honour their friend who was graduating

A soldier who was graduating from a university was honoured by his colleagues who visited the campus.

The soldiers in their numbers entered the campus on the day one of their own was signing out.

While the graduate was dressed in white shirt, his military colleagues were dressed in their uniforms.

He stood like a general while his colleagues saluted him one after the other in military fashion.

Other students who were also graduating from school watched in amazement and admired the soldiers.

The heartwarming video sparked positive reactions from many TikTok users who came across it on the platform.

Watch the video below:

Reactions as soldier graduates from school

@Adeshina__X said:

“Have you watch the seven star General own? The guy con handsome join.”

@Shakirah is weird said:

“Make person just go enter their middle.”

@Sekani’s mom said:

“Na the only thing I like about military be this.”

@Just ugly said:

“Is that a military school or what? Explanation needed please.”

@drealonelesh commented:

“If they salute you you suppose salute back.”

@UX Designer asked:

“Is this Eksu 3000 capacity building? Chai. Since I graduated in 2013 I have not gone back there.”

@Just ugly said:

“I just find this interesting.”

@Ølįvë said:

“Omo for his department dem go dey fear am oo.”

@papi said:

“I love military like mad. After this engineering I fit enter military school.”

@OLAOYE said:

“One love bro EKSU.”

Source: Fox Nigeria

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