“Smart baby”: Funny little girl checks herself out after wearing grandma’s wig

  • A hilarious video of a cute little girl wearing her grandmother’s wig at home has left netizens rolling on the floor
  • After rocking the wig, the little girl walked straight to the mirror to observe her new look while her mother filmed her
  • Social media users who watched the video stormed the comments section to share hilarious remarks

A funny little girl rocked her grandmother’s wig at home and the video sparked laughter amongst netizens.

After wearing the wig perfectly on her head, she went ahead to check herself in a mirror and observe her new look.

Funny girl rocks her grandmother's fringe wig at homeLittle girl rocks grandma’s wig at home
Photo credit: @breon.ce/TikTok.Source: TikTok

Stylish little girl rocks grandmother’s wig

The girl’s mother identified on TikTok as @breon.ce shared the funny video on the platform and it quickly went viral.

Netizens noted that the beautiful little girl looked very cute and adorable in her onesie and the wig.

While sharing the video, her mother stated that her little daughter loves playing with her grandmother’s wig.

She wrote:

“One thing my baby gone do is play in her grandma wigs.”

Reactions as little girl wears grandmother’s wig

Some netizens on TikTok claimed that the little girl looked like a Hollywood actress in Greys Anatomy.

Monica Hernandez said:

“She looks like little Miranda Bailey #greysanatomy.”

Bowww reacted:

“Do their legs stay like that forever? Or something they grow out of?? Never seen this before.”

@lucid reacted:

“That’s Dr Miranda Bailey.”

Eula Woods said:

“The bow legged for me.”

Amanda Jayne Clark said:

“What an absolutely beautiful baby.”

Cameron reacted:

“Ask her what the five rules are.”

Andrea Torres said:

“Dra Bailey.”

Nina reacted:

“The search being “dr Bailey walking”.

@jereymiahhh said:

“What a smart baby. she knows how to look in the mirror after dressing.”

@juicywench said:

“She got a shift at the hospital.”

Watch the video below:

Little girl returns home without frontal wig

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a Nigerian mother has shared a hilarious video of her little daughter returning home without her frontal wig.

The toddler who left the house with a well-laid frontal wig surprisingly returned with nothing on her head.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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