Sisters Joyfully Reunite in Saudi Thanks to Kind Arab Employers: “We Missed Each Other”

  • Two sisters from Kisii county could not believe it when their Saudi bosses allowed them to meet and enjoy a day together
  • According to the sisters, they had really missed each other as they had not met since they left Kenya for the Gulf county
  • Speaking to, Leonida shared that they were taken to a hotel to spend the day together, and that led her to believe that good bosses still exist

Two Saudi Arabian bosses whose employees are sisters have gone out of their way to ensure that the young ladies meet and enjoy a day together.

Leonida and her sister happy after their meeting.Leonida and her sister from Kenya after they met at a hotel. Photos: Leonida.Source: UGC

Leonida says they met in hotel

Speaking to, Leonida from Kisii county said that they both work in Saudi Arabia and had spent a lot of time without seeing each other.

“We had really missed each other. I want you to thank my bosses and my sister’s boss for real. They arranged for us to meet at a hotel and it is not easy for people to meet in this country,” she said.

In a video shared with, the girls were seen happily embracing each other when they met. At some point, they pulled away from each other, only to go back into a tight hug.

The two could not believe that they had been allowed to meet, and it had never occurred to them that their biggest desire would be answered so easily.

“We spent time there in the hotel and everyone of us went back to our respective bosses. There are good bosses for real,” she added.

Watch the video below:

Kenyans react to the meeting

Verah ❤❤:

“I cried yesterday, aki ❤❤❤.”

The Juicer:

“Mimi nalia bado kwanza nikikumbuka wacha tu.”

Mtoto wa Baba:

Hii yote iliifanyika Saudi?Si wadosi wote wabaya?”

The Queen:

“I love this so much.”


This is so awesome, sisters!’

Lady reunites with her husband

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The TikTok creator, Sunflower, revealed that her relocation came eight months after she and her husband were wedded in Nigeria.

Sunflower showed when she arrived at Heathrow Airport, UK, and reunited with her husband, who handed her a beautiful flower.


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