“She’s not playing”: Little girl’s reaction after mum asked for ice cream trends

  • A video of a little girl rudely saying ‘no’ to her mother who asked if she could have some of her ice cream has gone viral
  • The little girl’s mother stated that she was working on a way to teach her daughter how to say ‘No’ in a polite manner
  • Social media users who watched the video on the TikTok app had different things to say about the little girl’s attitude

A mother has shared her utmost desire to tutor her little daughter on how to say ‘no’ without sounding rude.

The young mother identified on TikTok as @siara.fuller shared a video via the platform to buttress her point.

Little girl rudely refuses to share her ice cream with mum, screams NoLittle girl refuses to share ice cream with mum
Photo credit: @siarafuller/TikTok.Source: TikTok

Little girl refuses to share ice cream

The video showed the cute little girl licking ice cream before her mother stretched out her hand to her, asking if she could share.

However, the little girl blatantly refused and said no in a rude tone. She also rolled her eyes and shook her head aggressively as her mother reached out for it.

While sharing the video, the mother noted that although her daughter was right to refuse not to share ice cream, her tone was wrong.

In @siara.fuller words:

“Before y’all go in on us, we are working on the polite way to say no. I mean, it is nasty to share your ice cream. But she doesn’t have to say no like she’s somebody’s grandma! She is a work in progress!”

Reactions as girl refuses to share ice cream

The video shared on TikTok stirred reactions from netizens who believed that the little girl refused rudely because her mother was already reaching for the ice cream.

MissWishabishWoods said:

“Next time ask without reaching for her food. Maybe her tone will change. Lil one standing on business

@hot_cheetos reacted:

“I would wait until she’s finished and then buy a bigger one for myself and say the same thing.”

lak, I’m just Ashlee said:

“I just know she asked if you wanted anything when she was getting her ice cream lol.”

Greta Kennedy559 reacted:

“Just in case you was confused. She communicated in four different forms! The uhmm, the head shake, the eye roll and confirmed with the NO!”

@lajoycrystalz said:

“Pls tell us her sign Lord. I aspire to stand on boundaries like this baby.”

@neasha horton reacted:

“See momma you reached for it before you asked, you caught that cutie pie off guard.”

Watch the video below:

Little girl refuses to share dad’s attention

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a little girl between the ages of one and two went viral after a video showed how jealous she was of her loving father.

In the viral video, the mother of the girl placed her hand on her husband’s chest who also happened to be the father of the girl but the little baby immediately removed her hand and said,”no, this is my daddy.”

Source: Fox Nigeria

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