“She don finish gain”: Girl consumes lots of snacks in mum’s shop, video trends

  • A lady has shared a video showcasing all the snacks and food she ate from her mother’s shop after spending a day there
  • The lady revealed in the video that her mother asked her to stay at the shop since she was back from school
  • Some netizens who watched the video criticized her heavily for consuming almost everything her mother sold including rice and drinks

A Nigerian lady has sparked mixed reactions online after sharing how she consumed so much snacks at her mother’s shop.

Her mother who had something else to attend to had asked the young lady to stay at her shop to sell in her absence.

Lady consumes snacks in mum's shopLady squanders provision in mum’s shop
Photo credit: @nancybliss37/TikTok.Source: TikTok

Lady consumes lots of mum’s snacks

The lady identified as @nancybliss37 on TikTok shared a video of herself arranging the shop, cooking rice and dishing it in a cooler, slicing cabbage, and arranging fried chicken.

After doing all that, she went on an eating spree and almost ate up everything her mother sold.

She started with the hot jollof rice, salad, and chicken before proceeding to Mirinda and Fanta and then jumping on biscuits.

After eating the biscuits, she drank Happy Hour drink and closed the day with a bottle of Mirinda and Gala.

She captioned the video:

“POV: my mum asked me to go to her shop since am back from school.”

Reactions as lady consumes snacks in mum’s shop

Netizens in the comments section on TikTok were flabbergasted by the amount of soft drinks she consumed.

DËÏTŸ said:

“My spec girls wey their mama dey sell food, lets go on a date at your mom’s shop.”


“If you don’t finish everything way day the shop, u go tell me which money u won carry go back sch.”

CP. E. T. E. R.84 reacted:

“Where the shop de I wan tell your mama something.”

Only1Mälik said:

“Sugar! you go see period ba?”

@favy black said:

“Your mama get mind send you go stay store.”

Adanma Chuks said:

“Haba is that why u want to finish everything there.”

COLD reacted:

“I swear I can relate e dey b like say the ones at mum shop dey get one kind better taste.”

AL D BARAN said:

“Na only garri u go carry go back sch with kulikuli u don chop weytin u go carry go.”

Your baby girl reacted:

“You don chop all your mama gain finish.”

Smart Girl said:

“Low key u Dey check if ur mum is coming, please eat slow she will not see u.”

Thelma reacted:

“She say make u go shop, she no tell make u chop everything wey dey her shop.”

Olawale said:

“Kuku finish the shop.”

Lady enjoys herself with mum’s shop provisions

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a Nigerian lady has shared a video of how she enjoyed herself after her mother left her alone in her provision shop.

Immediately the woman left, she danced towards a deep freezer and grabbed a drink bottle. She then proceeded to where the packs of chin chin were kept and tore one.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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