“She Dey Learn Tactics”: Nigerian Man Finds Out His Wife Loves Wrestling

  • A Nigerian man revealed his wife’s passion for watching wrestling, noting it was atypical for a woman
  • He entered the living room to find his wife engrossed in the wrestling match and questioned her unusual interest
  • She expressed her lack of enjoyment in the typical channels favoured by other women, affirming her preference for the wrestling broadcasts

A man from Nigeria found out his wife likes to watch wrestling. He thought it was strange because not many women like wrestling.

When he saw her watching it in the living room, he asked her why, as shown by @mcbeejay.

The Nigerian husband shared his wife's love for wrestlingThe wife insisted she loved wrestling. Photo credit: @mcbeejaySource: TikTok

Wife loves watching wrestling

She said she didn’t enjoy the shows that other women watched. She really wanted to watch wrestling instead.

Watch the video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

Joy cilicioux said:

“I finally found my sis…it can only be wrestling for life.”

Jennifer wrote:

“Dis is me, WWE is my favorite channel.”

Taina palmer commented:

“Me na WWE and football.”


“She dey learn tactics Incaseu misbehave,she go put u for ground, give u wotowoto.”


“For my family na WWE oo once yoU enter you must like wrestling.”

Pretty _esthie:

“Football lover gather here Liverpool fc.”


“We are many wey like this WWVE..”


“See my partner ,l even know all their names like this now am waiting for Friday SmackDown.”

Blessing mechelin:

“Epa mat ur guard oo.”

Man goes wild as he watches WWE match

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that an excited World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fan who was restless during a match has gone viral on TikTok after his video was posted.

In the 34-second clip, the man was putting on no shirts at all, and he was the only one watching the wrestling match in a room.

Every move made by the wrestlers caught the man’s attention, and he absolutely got excited and ran wild in the room.

In a recent development, Fox Nigeria reported that a man and his wife left earned the admiration of netizens after they were recorded doing playful wrestling.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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