Shatta Bandle Abandons GOAT Title, Proclaims as Wealthy ‘Money Cow’: ‘I’m Beyond GOAT, Call Me COW

The Los Angeles Rams have been given a boost for the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft, receiving five compensatory picks. Among these picks is a 3rd round selection, adding to the team’s potential talent pool for the future.Ghanaian media personality, Firdaus Iddrisu, also known as Shatta Bandle, has made headlines with a recent video where he humorously ditched the title of “Greatest of all time” (GOAT) and declared himself a “Money Cow.” In the video, which has gained thousands of likes on social media, Shatta Bandle flaunts his wealth, claiming to have an abundance of money and even giving it away to people on the street.In his statement, he humorously proclaimed, “It’s your favorite billionaire. You know something, we’re the ones they’re calling ghosts. My money is too big, I’m more than a goat; I’m a cow because I’m always spending my money on the street.”The video sparked reactions from viewers, with some finding humor in Shatta Bandle’s antics. Bright joked, “If Shatta bundle got someone to marry him then i still have hope that someone’s daughter will marry me one day.” Others, like Angel, commented on the humorous expressions in the video, noting, “Who else noticed the side eye 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 the owner of the money is telling him how to spray it.”The lighthearted video drew attention on social media, with viewers sharing their thoughts and reactions. It’s another playful moment from Shatta Bandle, known for his entertaining and extravagant persona.See Videos

Big cow 🐄 🐄

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