SDK Spills Messy Reasons Davido Fired His Lawyer Bobo Ajudua Including Embezzlement: “Nawa O”

  • News recently made the rounds that Davido had fired his longtime friend and lawyer, Bobo Ajudua
  • In a new development, celebrity blogger Stella Dimoko Korkus aka SDK has shared reasons behind the decision according to her sources
  • The messy details spilled about Davido’s ex-lawyer sack was met with a series of reactions from netizens

Top Nigerian singer David Adeleke ‘Davido’ recently made headlines following reports that he had fired his longtime friend and lawyer, Bobo Ajudua aka Prince II.

It was gathered that the news of the sack was met with celebration in Davido’s camp but little else was known about what triggered it.

Reasons Davido sacked his lawyer Bobo Ajudua.Fans react to alleged reasons Davido fired his lawyer.
Photos: @davido, @prince_iiSource: Instagram

In a new development, popular celebrity blogger, Stella Dimoko Korkus aka SDK has shed more light on the situation according to reports gathered from her sources.

SDK explained in a recent Instagram post that it all started with Bobo Ajudua neglecting his job as a lawyer and taking money managerial roles. One instance of this was given with a story of how Davido made a lot of money at his recent Madison Square Garden performance but that Bobo Ajudua only remitted $18,000 to the singer claiming that the rest had been used to sort expenses.

SDK wrote:

“First off, they say Mr Lawyer forgot his Job and began to play the role of Manager of money and friend……The insider used one of many instances where Davido recently made money at Madison garden where he recently performed but his Lawyer allegedly gave him only $18k and allegedly said that it was all he made and that he had settled bills from the huge amount handed to him.”

Not stopping there, the blogger explained how Davido recently had problems with his cards in Dubai and he instructed that the bill be sent to his lawyer, Bobo Ajudua, who had about $400,000 of his money with him.

However, Ajudua reportedly refused to pay and sent the bill back to the hotel which led to Davido getting locked out of his room by the hotel and also caused panic for the singer which led to him seeking help from his billionaire father.

SDK wrote:

“Recently in Dubai Davido allegedly had problems with his cards which were declined and he instructed the bill to be sent to Mr Lawyer who had about $400k of his money with him but Mr Lawyer sent back the bill to the hotel and refused to pay for the bottles of water Davido had ordered for and the hotel panicked thinking he could not pay and locked Davido out of his room, it was so bad that he called his father crying that Mr Lawyer had siezed money and his father made calls and moved him to another hotel and left Mr Lawyer at the hotel …..

According to sources,he fired the Lawyer in Dubai and told him to go his way….Out of the $400K with Mr Lawyer, he allegedly returned only $30K and alleged that he settled some bills and paid for tickets…..Ticket? PLEASE! He has been making frantic calls to Chioma to beg for him but nsiders allege he was one of those who did not want Chioma to marry Baba Ibeji.”

Read her full post below:

Netizens react as SDK shares alleged reasons Davido’s lawyer got fired

SDK’s claim of what happened between Davido and his lawyer triggered some reactions from netizens. Read them below:


“Davido’s circle is too loose mouthed, he prolly needs to fire everyone ‍♀️.”


“He still needs to fire more people because why are you the one giving this news .. Circle too loose.”


“That guy is very proud! Really happy that David took that step.”


“Davido actually has to fire his entire squad and get new ones and rebrand his image.”


“Omo this ur write up no make sense .”


“So na only one card davido get, he went crying to his father,like seriously, this ur write up make any sense at all.”


“Nawa oh.”


“May Davido’s niceness not be his undoing.”


“If you an artist has been the victim of embezzlement, it is important for the artist to take immediate action to address the situation and protect his financial interests.”


“Embezzlement is when someone you trust takes money or assets that belong to you without permission. It is like if a friend or a business partner steals from you behind your back. If you suspect embezzlement, gather evidence and talk to a sound and seasoned lawyer who can help you figure out what to do next. It is important to act fast to protect your finances and your rights.”


“If this lawyer actually took his job seriously, so many sc@ndals and controversies about Davido wouldn’t have surfaced online. Cos everything would be reviewed before it escalates. His team should be reviewed, he doesn’t have good people around him.”


“Davido lawyer is his enemy…he’s part of davido problem.”


“I think it’s important to realise that no matter how good you’re to people, it won’t make them good to you.”

Davido to quit music over edited photo

Meanwhile, TheTalk.NG earlier reported that Davido announced that he was going to quit music after getting trolled on social media by Wizkid’s fans.

Just recently, a photo was posted on X (Twitter) by a Wizkid FC member of Davido wearing a garter and taking a mirror selfie. While the photo looked like it was photoshopped, some people believed it was real.

Davido then took to his page to react to the viral picture by sharing the original version.

Source: TheTalk.NG

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