“Respect the Wife & Rest”: Ruby Ojiakor Remembers Jnr Pope, Shares Loved up Video, Pics, Fans React

  • Ruby Ojiakor has marked one month remembrance of the time spent in Ukehe with her late colleague, Jnr Pope
  • Shared a loved up video they made that day and some pictures where they wore matching clothes to mourn the late actor
  • She said the actor should continue to rest in peace, and she called him her brother and friend, fans reacted to the post

Nollywood actress, Ruby Ojiakor, has continued to mourn her colleague and friend, late Jnr Pope, in a special way.

TheTalk.NG had reported that Ojiakor had received mourners from Enugu state, who came to her house to greet her after Jnr Pope’s demise. They wore black clothes and gave her gifts, and the actress cried her heart out.

In another a post a few months after the actor’s demise, she shared the last video they made while they were in Ukehe. In the clip, she ran and jumped on the man as they shared some fun moment together.

Ruby Orjiakor remembers late Jnr Pope.Ruby Orjiakor remembers late Jnr Pope. Photo credit @jnrpope/@ruby_orjiakorSource: Instagram

Ojiakor shares pictures they took

Also in the post, some pictures the move act took with the actor, who died in April, were put in a collage.

In the photos, they were wearing matching colours as they posed for the camera.

Recall that Ojiakor had opened up about the relationship she shared with late Jnr Pope.

Below is the video:

How fans reacted to the post

Reactions have trailed the video shared by Ojiakpor about the late actor. Here are some of the comments below:


“Those of you dropping h8te comment that she is mourn more than the wife clearly don’t have good friends and all of you heart is so dark and how do you know Ruby mourning than the wife? If you don’t like what she posts, unfollow her .”


“Ruby pls now. Can we ever stop crying. Can we ever watch JP’s video n not cry. JP, JP, we love u dear. Rest in peace.”


“Mourning more than the main wife???Ah you can do better please.”


“Chai, some people will not understand what real and close friendship is all about, too many memories, Ruby takes heart okay.”


“Na only for Nigeria I see say having a men as best friend is sin .God evil mind everywhere.”


“Madam you nor dey rest.pls respect the wife na.”


“Madam pls rest… You no miss him pass his wife… Stop all these nonsense, it’s turning to insult.”


“Rudy Ojiakor, it’s unwîse how u’re not letting Jnr.Pope rest in peace with all this clout chasing video u’re posting up & down as content to draw traffic to ur media handles. More unwîse not knowing u’re now mourning than his late widow. He isn’t ur husband remember. Most unwîse how everybody got pained over his untimely demise but seems ur own pain is becoming unwîse.”


“He was first rubby’s friend, best of it, b4 he met his wife nd married her dere here still friends. I belt you this people as been friends for over 20 years now.”


“Madam ruby rest in Jesus name. We know say he is ur baby father so stop is enough. Mtchwww.”

Ruby Ojiakor stirs speculation

TheTalk.NG had reported that the actress finally found the courage to publicly mourn her late colleague and friend, Junior Pope. Since the tragic incident, TheTalk.NG noticed that Ruby Orjiakor hadn’t made any social media appearances, unlike her, until recently.

Ruby, who previously trended online with videos depicting her closeness with Junior Pope, finally made her first social media post since the actor’s demise.

She expressed deep sorrow over the unbearable occurrence and revealed that this was the first time she questioned her creator.

Source: TheTalk.NG

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