Residents Escaping Edo Community Due to Land Dispute and Arson, Appeal to Governor Obaseki

Frightened residents of Oke-Oroma community in Edo State have been forced to leave their homes for more than a year due to repeated attacks and terror from the nearby Amagba community. The dispute stems from a land issue, with both sides claiming ownership.

Governor Godwin Obaseki’s move to develop a new city in the area inadvertently reignited old conflicts. The state government constructed a road connecting several communities, including Oke-Oroma. However, the ongoing boundary crisis between Oke-Oroma and Amagba has resulted in loss of life and property, despite efforts by the government and the Benin monarch to resolve it.

According to Monday Edo Omorogiuwa, the secretary of Oke-Oroma community, the clashes began in 2012 when Amagba allegedly attacked them. Despite attempts to resolve the issue through the Benin monarch, the violence continued, with devastating attacks in 2018 and 2023.

Despite peace meetings and interventions by authorities, the conflict persists. Oke-Oroma residents are appealing to the Edo State Government, the Benin monarch, and law enforcement to help them return home safely.

On the other side, Amagba-Erese community leaders deny the allegations, claiming that Oke-Oroma residents are actually known as ‘Ago-Emokpae’ and are tenants on their land. They assert that the land in question belongs to Amagba Adolor and accuse the Emokpae family of inciting violence for personal gain.

According to Peter Owen Erhinmwionorose, a leader of Amagba-Erese, the conflict centers on a retired bank official attempting to make Emokpae Camp an autonomous community, which Amagba-Erese opposes. They argue that historical records show the land belongs to Amagba Adolor, and the Oke-Oroma residents are subjects of the Enogie Adolor.

In summary, the ongoing conflict between Oke-Oroma and Amagba-Erese communities in Edo State revolves around a land dispute, with both sides claiming rightful ownership. Despite efforts to resolve the issue, the situation remains tense, forcing Oke-Oroma residents to flee their homes for safety.

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