“Remove Corrupt Leaders for Nigeria’s Progress, Tinubu Urged”

Faduri Oluwadare Joseph, a former Presidential Aspirant in the Labour Party (LP) and the Leader of the Rescue Movement for New Nigeria, has urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to remove corrupt individuals from leadership positions, particularly in the petroleum and banking sectors, for Nigeria to progress.

In an open letter addressed to President Tinubu and shared with journalists in Kaduna, Oluwadare Joseph highlighted the impact of poverty on the nation’s high level of insecurity and kidnapping.

He drew a comparison with the recent State of the Union address delivered by the American President, emphasizing the need for Nigerian leadership that understands and addresses the issues faced by citizens.

Oluwadare Joseph emphasized the importance of following a law and order system that rewards positive actions and punishes corruption, similar to the system in the United States. He lamented the prevalence of corruption, embezzlement, and lack of accountability among Nigerian leaders, particularly in policies affecting the fuel subsidy, foreign currency unification, and the oil and banking sectors.

The former Presidential Aspirant criticized the lack of consequences for failed government policies and the perception that politicians operate above the law. He expressed concern that while ordinary citizens face the full weight of the law for their actions, politicians often evade accountability.

Regarding insecurity, Oluwadare Joseph highlighted poverty as a major contributor and called for a purge within the security agencies to improve the fight against insecurity and kidnapping. He advocated for the use of modern tools and intelligence gathering to enhance security and create a safer environment for farmers and traders.

In conclusion, Oluwadare Joseph emphasized the need for the government to communicate regularly with the Nigerian people, promote patriotism among its workers, and instill a sense of responsibility among citizens. He expressed hope for positive changes in Nigeria’s leadership and urged Nigerians to have patience for the nation’s improvement.

He ended the letter with a prayer for the Federal Republic of Nigeria, wishing for a better future for the country.

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