Prof Obiora Okonkwo: We Cannot Persist in This State of the Nation

Prof. Obiora Okonkwo is a highly respected figure, known for his expertise in business studies. As a professor at the University of Abuja Business School and a visiting professor at Nnamdi Azikiwe University Business School, he brings a wealth of knowledge to his roles. Additionally, he serves as the chairman of United Nigeria Airlines Company Limited and The Dome Entertainment Limited in Abuja.With a background in academia and business, Prof. Okonkwo is also the spokesperson for the Airline Operators of Nigeria (AON), advocating for the improvement of the aviation sector, which plays a crucial role in Nigeria’s economic growth.In an interview, he shared his thoughts on various pressing issues, including the administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Prof. Okonkwo expressed concerns about what he sees as inconsistencies and policy changes in the current administration. He emphasized the importance of governance over politics, calling for bold decisions to address the country’s challenges.Touching on the economic landscape, Prof. Okonkwo highlighted the struggles faced by many Nigerians, particularly regarding high food prices and economic hardships. He critiqued certain government policies, such as the recent increase in the Monetary Policy Rate (MPR), questioning their effectiveness in tackling underlying issues.When discussing the aviation sector, Prof. Okonkwo painted a grim picture of its state, citing a significant drop in the number of airplanes in airlines’ fleets. He attributed this decline to the challenges of accessing foreign exchange, which is vital for the sector’s operations. Prof. Okonkwo explained that without proper access to dollars, airlines are forced to purchase from the parallel market, leading to increased costs and operational difficulties.Transitioning to the topic of the Igbo nation, Prof. Okonkwo emphasized the need for fairness and equity in the political landscape. He noted that while Igbo people are hardworking and present in various sectors, they often face marginalization in appointments and resource allocation. He called for genuine efforts to integrate the Igbo people fully and ensure their representation in decision-making processes.In conclusion, Prof. Okonkwo highlighted the importance of competent leadership, fair policies, and genuine efforts to address the diverse challenges facing Nigeria. As a respected academic and business leader, his insights shed light on the complex issues affecting the country and the potential paths forward for progress and development.

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