President of CBCN Warns: Insecurity Endangers Food Security

President of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria, CBCN, Most Rev. Lucius Iwejuru Ugorji, has shared concerns about our country’s ability to have enough food for everyone if we don’t address the current level of insecurity. Archbishop Ugorji spoke about this during a week-long training on farming in Aboh Mbaise, called “it’s farm o’clock for Mbaise people.”He mentioned, “There is a lot of hunger in our country, and the insecurity is stopping farmers from doing their work. This means we’re producing less food, and hunger keeps getting worse. We know that when people are hungry, they can become angry. So, if we have a lot of angry people, it’s like we’re sitting on a dangerous situation.”He urged the government to focus on improving security so that we can grow enough food for everyone. Archbishop Ugorji praised Rev. Fr. Pius Ibeawuchi and Mr. Princewill Ugochukwu Amuchie for leading the way in farming, saying we need to move from just growing food for our families to doing it as a business to make food more affordable.He also talked about the potential of bitter kola trees, saying they can bring in a good income. He encouraged people to learn the best times for planting crops, as it makes a big difference in the harvest.Princewill Ugochukwu Amuchie, who helped organize the workshop, emphasized the importance of agriculture in preventing high food prices. He expressed concern that not enough people in Imo State are interested in farming and aims to turn Aboh Mbaise into a successful farming area for the benefit of everyone.Lastly, Rev. Fr. Pius Ibeawuchi, who owns the farm where the workshop was held, was pleased with the 250 participants who learned and are eager to use their new knowledge in the upcoming farming season.

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