“Practice Makes Perfect”: Nigerian Man Abroad Shares How He Moves from Home Service to Self-Shaving

  • A Nigerian man shared his transformative experience of moving abroad in a TikTok video that swiftly captured widespread attention
  • The clip revealed that while he resided in Nigeria, he enjoyed the luxury of home barber services
  • Yet, upon relocating overseas, he adapted to his situation by learning to cut his own hair, using clippers

A tale of a Nigerian gentleman’s transformation during his overseas journey swiftly gained popularity on TikTok.

The video depicted his lifestyle shift from enjoying the luxury of home barber services in Nigeria to adopting self-grooming practices after leaving his homeland.

The man started to barb on leaving NigeriaThe man said he was humbled. Photo credit: @omoakure1Source: TikTok

The humorous spectacle of him wielding a clipper and cutting his own hair elicited laughter from many viewers.

As shown by @omoakure01, this engaging narrative of personal change and adaptation resonated with a global audience.

Watch the video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

Olumide said:

“UK dey level everyone together, he don tired me o.”

A Akureman1 wrote:

“I dey tell you my brother. The kind shege wey I don see eh.”

Anjorins Vlog:

“So please Akure man, UK or Naija. Which do you prefer ohh.”

Mr Buddy:

“Barbing is just £20 that is £40 per month if you barb every two weeks I think that’s fair enough. My opinion.”

Divine Grace:

“Since I Used £23 barb for thisomo run to tesco go buy clipper, no playing.”


“Convertion no make some people spend money, them first convert the money to Naira before them spend.”


“Peckham make we gather pay Barbar for u.”

Mr Teemike:

“Hustle must pay.”


“Make he no tay before the hustle pay o cause I don dey tire.”


“I dey do clean shave jęję in my bathroom. Practice makes perfect.”

Man in Canada becomes overnight barber

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that a Nigerian barber who relocated to Canada and dazzled his customers with his amazing haircuts has become a TikTok sensation.

A video of his work was shared on TikTok, where it received thousands of views and likes. The video captured the barber’s process of transforming a customer’s appearance with his clipper.

The customer sat calmly in the barber’s chair, trusting him to give him a fresh and stylish look.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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