Power Outage: Key Fact to Know About Electricity Service Bands

  • Before now, many Nigerians never knew why they experience more or less power outages in their various locations
  • Most customers did not even know that they are categoriesed into specific service bands with their different assured minimum power supply
  • Also, most customers do not know that some locations may not provide all the bands designated by transmission companies

There are reasons why certain locations in the country have more or less electricity power supply than others. Designated service bands by transmission companies are responsible for expected hours of power supply per day for some areas.

This article compiles a list of the service bands and their assured minimum daily electricity provision.

ElectricityThe service bands are not all available in some locationsSource: Getty Images

Band A

Customers on this band get the most stable electricity supply, with a minimum assurance of 20 hours per day, meaning power interruptions are likely minimal.

Band B

Next on the list is the band b which has a lower assurance of electricity daily (16 hours). In this category, power disruptions may occur, but they are expected to be less frequent compared to lower bands.

Band C

The possibility of power outages daily for customers on this service band is high as the minimum assured supply is 12 hours per day.

Band D

Customer in this category are to expect more frequent power interruptions compared to higher bands. This is because they are only assured a minimum of 8 hours of electricity daily.

Band E

Outages are expected to be highest on this band as it is the lowest guaranteed service, with just four hours of electricity daily.

However, it is crucial to state that the above are just minimum assurances. Depending on circumstances, outages exceeding the stipulated minimum for each band are possible.

Additional considerations


The electricity tariff may fluctuate based on the service band. Typically, bands with more hours of electricity pay a higher cost per kilowatt-hour.


Also, the availability of electricity service bands can vary by location apart from the fact that some areas may not provide all bands.

Electricity Provider

It is very vital for you to contact your electricity provider for specific information regarding the service bands accessible in your location and the expenses tied to them.

NERC Approves Triple Increase in Electricity Tariff for Band A Customers

Meanwhile, the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) had given the green light to increase electricity charges targeted at customers categorised under Band A.

Musliu Oseni, the Vice-Chairman of NERC, disclosed this ratification during a press briefing held in Abuja.

Source: TheTalk.NG

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