“Peter Obi Tells Senate: Suspension of Ningi Fails to Resolve Key Allegation Issues”

Peter Obi Criticizes Senate’s Handling of Allegations: Vital Issues Remain Unaddressed

Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, has voiced his concerns regarding the suspension of Senator Abdul Ningi by the Senate. According to Obi, this action has not adequately addressed the crucial issues surrounding the allegations made by the lawmaker.

In a statement shared via his Twitter handle on Wednesday, Obi highlighted the ongoing controversy surrounding the alleged padding of N3 trillion into the 2024 budget. Despite Senator Ningi’s suspension, the uproar continues as the core issues raised by the senator remain unresolved.

“The Senator is insisting on his allegation, and the Executive agreed that there was only N1.2 trillion padded, not N3 trillion as alleged by the Senator,” Obi stated. He also pointed out additional concerns regarding the allocation of constituency projects by the Senate leadership, citing claims made by civic society group Budgit.

Obi emphasized the need for clarity and transparency, stating, “They still owe the Nigerian public a clear clarification over the various claims and counterclaims, including that of the executive arm, to be able to know exactly what is happening.”

The former governor expressed his disappointment in the mismanagement of funds, especially in critical areas such as education and health. He highlighted the staggering amount of N1.2 trillion, which the executive branch admitted to being padded, and its potential impact if directed towards essential sectors like education.

“If indeed the report from Budgit is true, that there is about N3.7 trillion without any detailed project allocations, I strongly urge the Senate to channel these funds into critical areas of development — education, health, and poverty alleviation,” Obi urged.

He emphasized the urgency of redirecting resources towards meaningful development, especially amidst the current challenges facing the country. Obi stressed the importance of utilizing public funds for the public good, emphasizing the need to minimize wastage and prioritize the well-being of the Nigerian people.

The controversy surrounding the 2024 Budget has stirred significant debate, with Senator Ningi’s allegations shedding light on potential discrepancies. His claims of the Federal Government operating two versions of the budget and its alleged bias against the North have brought these issues to the forefront.

At the Senate’s recent plenary session, Senator Ningi was suspended under the leadership of Senate President Godswill Akpabio. However, Obi’s statement indicates that the suspension alone does not address the core issues at hand, calling for further transparency and accountability in government actions.

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