Peruzzi Reacts to Davido’s New Private Jet: ‘Life Isn’t Fair, We Were Hanging Out Together Just Last Night’

Peruzzi Reacts to Davido’s New Private Jet: ‘This Life No Balance'”

Peruzzi, a signee of Davido’s DMW label, expressed his surprise and slight hurt upon learning about Davido’s acquisition of a new private jet. In a video circulating on social media, Peruzzi was visibly frustrated, mentioning how just the night before, he and Davido were together.

“Davido was even dragging Igbaux with him and even smoked the igbaux more than him while they were together,” Peruzzi mentioned, emphasizing the suddenness of the news.

Peruzzi, known for songs like “Majesty,” took to Twitter to humorously raise the price of his songwriting services in light of Davido’s new jet. “That last night verse is $500k, Thanks & Thanks. 💜,” he tweeted.

Social media was abuzz with reactions to Davido’s new acquisition, with some fans playfully teasing about Davido renting out his previous jet to Burna Boy and others congratulating Davido on his success.

Overall, Peruzzi’s reaction shed light on the unpredictability of life and the surprising turns it can take, leaving everyone to wonder what’s next in the world of Nigerian music stars.

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