Parents send their 2 daughters to Nigeria on holiday, leave them there for years

  • Parents based abroad with their two daughters played them by sending them to Nigeria for the summer holiday
  • One of the daughters involved narrated how their supposed holiday in Nigeria became something else
  • Her story left internet users in stitches, while others seized the opportunity to share their similar stories

A young lady, identified as Michelle, has shared how her parents deceived her and her sister.

In a viral TikTok post, Michelle recalled how she and her sister were sent to Nigeria for the summer holiday.

Lady amuses people as she recalls how her parents sent her and her sister to Nigeria on holiday and left themMichelle said they schooled in Nigeria for three years.
Photo Credit: @michelle_jpSource: TikTok

However, the holiday became something else and they would end up schooling in Nigeria for three years.

Michelle noted that it was tough. Michelle’s TikTok post read:

“Doing my makeup cuz life didn’t end when my parents told my sister and I that we should go to Nigeria for the summer holiday and we ended up schooling there for 3 years.”

Michelle appears to be back overseas.

Another Nigerian was flown back to the country by his parents in the guise of a summer vacation, only to be abandoned.

Watch the video below:

Michelle’s story stirred reactions


“Na wetin my aunt kids need be this.”

Soo_girlie‍♀️ said:

” You guys were stressing them out. Nigeria will teach kids manners.”

ella said:

“Exactly what happened to me.

“My dad begged to visit Nigeria now is two years and 9 days.”

Dark_nigerian said:

“Lol I had a friend like you, after 3 years he didn’t want to leave Nigeria anymore, hope you caught the vibe too.”

Grandregalhomes said:

“Happened to me, lol they begged me to leave nigeria. It’s been 22 years. I’m in Dubai now.”

Yourcupofwater said:

“So many people in my secondary school only came like this.”

nesspresh said:

“You obviously were already landing them in trouble.”

David said:

“It happened to me when I was addicted to a game then started using my mums money she took me to Nigeria for 1yr 6months 4days .”

Parents send daughter back to Nigeria

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that parents had sent their daughter back to Nigeria over her new attitude.

A young man who shared the story on TikTok said the lady in question was his cousin. Playing a song that said ‘by bye decency’, the young man suggested that the lady’s offences were contained in that particular verse of the song.

The verse talked about one having piercings and tattoos, rocking hair and taking advice from nobody. The song lyrics also mentioned making bad friends. The lady practically did everything the song said after just a month abroad, making her parents cut off her allowance.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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