“No NEPA”: Man Installs Solar With 4 Batteries, Generates Electricity, Says It Carries Cooker

  • A Nigerian man who was able to install a 10KVA solar system told people it powers almost everything in his house
  • Using four dry cell batteries that allow for over 60% discharge rate, the man expressed happiness at being power independent
  • Many Nigerians were in his comment section, asking how to go about having the same in their homes

A Nigerian man, also the CEO of aptLearn, stirred massive reactions on Monday, June 19, with his 10KVA solar system in his house.

The man, @Kynsofficial, said that installing the solar to generate his electricity is the best decision he has made for himself so far this year.

Solar in Nigeria/Man installed 10KVA solar.The man revealed he installed four dry cell batteries.
Photo source: @Kynsofficial, Olaoluw39017217Source: Twitter

Man’s solar system carries heavy appliances

A photo he shared showed his Quantum dry cell batteries arranged vertically, with his inverter and MPTT charge controller installed above them.

In response to one of the questions in his comment section, the man said that his system could power his ACs, microwave, cooker, washing machine, and iron, among others.

Dry cells or tall tabular batteries?

When a person with a 5KVA solar system doubted him and said his system does not work with his blender, it was pointed out that he uses wet (tall tabular) batteries that only allow for a 50% discharge rate.

Speaking with Aanu, a solar user, on the cost-saving feature of solar electricity, he said that having a system is not cheap. In his words:

“Before a person can set it up, the person has to be rich. And it depends on the appliances you have in your home. When I did my 4.8 KVA, I spent over N1m, aside from the cost of the panels. And despite that, I still do not put all the loads I have in my house on it. Not many people can afford that even though it is green energy.”

See his post below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

@Olaoluw39017217 said:

“I made this decision so late, using ba3 and inverter for over a year now without panel.. Join me in praising God because I was able to add solar panel last weekend.. Iku pa PHCN.”

@yakubadekunleok said:

“Did 5kVA also with four batteries and 12 solar panels, once I plug blender immediately the low battery alarms is triggered. Without PHCN doesn’t last till the next morning.”

@drogbag1 said:

“Where FG failed is the distribution of prepaid metre. They should give prepaid meter free or at least at the price to the electricity bill. With that, I can decide to shutdown everything if the bills are killing. Still on postpaid and the bills are crazy.”

@Momopee2 asked:

“Pls how does this work, do you disconnect govt electricity completely or you still keep it? Is there a fee you still have to pay govt monthly even if you are completely disconnected? Thanks.”

Another man who installed solar panels on his roof

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that a young Nigerian man, @kanisuru7, shared a video of the house he completed. The moment he started the building project was captured on camera.

The TikTok clip showed the moment the building was at the lintel level and woodwork for the roof was about to be done. After the roofing, he installed solar panels on it for constant electricity.

Classy family house

In other news, a young lady showed how wealthy her parents were. Her house had CCTVs everywhere. There was a mini-gym in the house nobody used.

The lady with the TikTok handle, @azuwuibegift1, added that there were cameras in the rooms.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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